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Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Biography

Hello everyone ,
Here I will be providing my strategy , tips and resources which can allow you to excel in your preparation in form of daily advices .

How to choose option for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper




look for previous yr questions on optional that u intend to select and
See if you can solve them or not and also see upsc syllabus of that optional .

Think a lot before selecting but if selected u must commit to it and then no thought of changing optional should be there as it can lead to drain of time ,money and energy .

How to remember syllabus of UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone

Take a print out of syllabus and paste it on your wall .Always refer while strategising or planning and even while starting a new topic .

UPSC Secret Preparation Strategy by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone

Candidates appearing for 2022

Oct 2021 -Jan 2022->

  1. complete mains syllabus with short notes and practice answer writing .
  2. Focus less on prelims now and more on mains .
  3. Prioritise optional more than GS
    Feb 2022 – May 2022->
  4. full preparation and practice for prelims
  5. Don’t focus on mains here , only priority should be prelims as prelims is getting unpredictable and tricky

Candidates appearing for 2021 mains this year :

  1. Focus only on mains upto jan
  2. Write answers daily or practice at least 2 test per week
  3. Revise whole GS and optional multiple times
  4. Don’t try to add new materials or knowledge as this is the time for revision .


  1. start focusing on personality test as when results come , you get less time to brace yourself
  2. Continue current affairs and don’t leave studies .

Candidates appearing for 2023 :
Oct 2021 to June 2022

  1. Full mains syllabus and answer writing
  2. Complete optional with short notes
  3. Practice previous year question for both optional and GS
    June 2022 – December 2022
    Only practice and practice and revision
    January 2023 – June 2023
    Focus on prelims and practice a lot

You can change deadlines as per your convenience and also the strategy

Note : You can also follow integrated preparation of mains and pre but if it comes to me , I only focus on one exam that is next exam to be given as time is limited .

Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Booklist

This is the book list recommended by me and my friends who got selected


Chose only one source , even if it is out of this list .
Please don’t read the same subject from multiple books as it will cost you money , time , energy and also the attempt .

Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Booklist

Should you join coaching for UPSC-CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone


Taking the coaching or not ?

Always remember one basic principle :
You take coaching for those subjects you find tough to understand and not as general rule .

In my opinion

  1. Don’t take coaching for general studies , it’s waste of time and energy as questions are of basic nature .
  2. Use coaching for test series .
  3. If you are unable to understand the concepts , then you may take subject specific coaching .
  4. Use mentors for guidance

I took coaching for :

  1. ALS – geography optional in Delhi
  2. For test series and interview preparation

And apart from this I am not associated with any coaching

I know that GS is easy and any graduate is meant to know it as it is generally of class 12 th syllabus , therefore I refrained from taking coaching for GS , many of my friends have taken the coaching for GS and left it midway as it has less relevance for exams like Upsc due to uncertain questions which require critical analysis.

Note : toppers often go to seminars and take personality test training or mock interview and all coaching institution use if for promotions , pls don’t fall for this trap , think about it how can one person take coaching in so many places ?

You can take screenshot of this and propagate among groups so that right information is propagated .

How to Prepare current affairs for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone


Handling current affairs

  1. Read newspaper (Indian express or Hindu ) for not more than 1 hr daily .
  2. Read monthly magazine of vision
  3. Before prelims read pt365 and before mains read mains 365 .
  4. Make short notes of highly probable topics which you think can come in exam .Develop this skill of predicting.

Handling editorials

Don’t read editorials , just understand it through videos available on internet like only IAS or Unacademy or any other which you like .

** try to relate current affairs with static portion that you are reading with reference books 📚 on daily basis . This helps in mains answer writing .

** follow any one current magazine , and do it religiously and don’t fall in this trap of doing 3-4 magazines because everyday new materials are coming .

How to read NCERT for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone


How to read NCERT ?

  1. Read all NCERTs mentioned below in 2 or 2.5 months and not greater than this
  2. Make notes 1 page for 1 chapter in a concise way
  3. And then have a look on previous year questions to understand demand of questions .

Note – give more importance to class 11 and 12 books 📚

Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Booklist
Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Booklist

Should you enjoy one day in a week during UPSC CSE Preparation by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


Why keeping one day free in a week is important ?

Chose one day in a week and do nothing , no reading , no writing and nothing . During preparation I use to treat Sunday as free , I named it NO TENSION SUNDAY .

This is important because :

  1. Allows you to come out of stress and tension experienced by you in the previous week.
  2. Gives you time to pursue hobbies or something that you like , like meeting friends and having fun .
  3. Allows you to plan patiently for next week .
  4. Gives you fresh energy to start again .
  5. Pulls you out of depression which may be hampering your productivity .
  6. Allows your life to resume side by side and get less impacted by preparation as in the end your life matters more than you being an officer .
  7. ** it allows you to recognise mistakes that you did last week and compels you to correct it in next week so continuous improvement happens .

Researchers say that making a day free from work works like a detox and this allows reset of interest ,energy and motivation .

For today —-watch T20 World Cup match and give time to fun activities for at least one day in a week .🇮🇳


I am getting a lot of messages asking about my hobby which I mentioned in Advice -#8 .
My hobby is blackletter calligraphy and I am continuously growing and trying to master script named as textura quadrata . Below are some of my work . If you are interested then you can follow me on Instagram also where I upload my work .

I’m on Instagram as sand.rajoriya. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper Hobby
Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper Hobby

How to read Newspaper for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


  1. Select only one newspaper and from two options – Indian express or Hindu
  2. Go to any coaching site in Google to find out list of topics important in today’s newspaper ,read only those .
    3.pls don’t read any political party news ,not even for knowledge as it can waste a lot of time .
  3. Read only important editorial ,ignore sports ,politics or irrelevant topics like spirituality . (If you are interested in all of this read them on weekends)
  4. If you have read the topic and have reasonable knowledge about it don’t read that topic again as newspapers run same topic for months like farm bill ..just read it once, know all information ,create a opinion and then never read it again in newspaper as monthly current affair will cover it .
    6.remember the syllabus before hand and then see how relevant that topic is ,only then read

Which is best for UPSC CSE Preparation, Newspaper or Monthly Magazine?

Hello everyone


Should we read newspaper or just monthly magazine current affair magazine is enough ?

What I and my selected friends say :

Reading newspaper daily is very important :

Because ::

  1. Direct questions in prelims and mains comes from it .
  2. First hand information allows you to be aware and this helps you to complete monthly magazine easily .
  3. Open up your mind and mental caliber increases which helps you to generate points in mains answer writing .
  4. Important in interview also .

Even if you don’t read editorial ,you should always read current news related to economic , international and national ok
In this case see any editorial discussion video ,that will save your time.


What UPSC wants from everyone?

Hello everyone



UPSC wants you to not only have knowledge but also desires some skills and values .One should start cultivating it from now only .

One of the quality is intelligent interest .Being intelligent means ability to think therefore we all need to think before acting or speaking or writing and this is the reason that all questions in Upsc requires introspection .
So develop a habit of thinking deeply and not just mugging up.

So therefore next time when you read newspaper or study , smile and enjoy reading and start thinking deeply on every issue.

Video of this alumni meet will be shared very soon.

Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper Alumni Talk

How to make Notes for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone


How to make notes

  1. Use maps and flow charts in notes for improving visibility and better revision .
  2. Write bullet points about every topic ,atleast 5 points .so that content is enough for writing answer
  3. Leave right hand margin empty so that current affair about that topic can be added .
  4. While attending lectures make notes in real time .
  5. Can use both online platform or notebooks but in online platform write in your own language as copy paste here can lead to more notes leading to confusion before the exams .

Some online platforms – Evernote ,quip ,one note


What should I write in my Notes during UPSC CSE Preparation by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone



  1. TOPIC CENTRED APPROACH – clear and easy topic definition and one fact regarding the topic .
  2. Challenges
  3. Opportunities or why this topic is important and is in news
    4.way forward
  4. Government schemes related to it
  5. Your own personal opinion
  6. And prons and cons of topic

Please try to include mindmaps ,flow charts and maps .

What should you do after clearing UPSC Prelims by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone



If you have cleared prelims :

  1. Start writing answers
  2. Give atleast 2 test weekly
  3. Don’t read anything new , just revise and revise .
  4. Complete mains 365 as soon as it comes
  5. Complete optional revision and GS revision as fast as you can
  6. Write essay every Sunday .
  7. Read newspaper upto December 1st week and make notes .


What should you do after failing UPSC Prelims by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone

ADVICE – #15


If you have not cleared prelims :

Don’t waste time in depression or sadness , take time off and recover from failure within 10 days

It’s actually good if you were not recommended for mains if you are underprepared for mains as this year mains is just 2 months away

So follow this strategy :

  1. Focus on mains answer writing upto jan .
  2. Complete syllabus of optional and GS with notes
  3. Join test series and improve writing skills and also practice essay .
  4. From feb to June – prepare prelims and practice after understanding your mistakes .
  5. Take a break for 10 days and enjoy

Overall take things lightly as

Dust you are and dust you shall become , at the end everything is equal so don’t attach yourself with results and keep on the good work .


How to should I plan for the day during UPSC CSE Preparation by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


Planning for the day

Every Sunday make plan for week.
And make simple plans for each day in advance .

Make checklist for full week which include all activities on to do list .You can be as innovative as you can .
This pic shows its usage.

Importance of planning :

  1. It improves consistency
  2. Boost confidence
  3. Better time management
  4. Completion of syllabus on time

How to he consistent and regular during UPSC CSE Preparation by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone



Some tested ways :

  1. Motivate yourself daily ,one of the best way is to read books like 5 am club or think and grow rich
  2. Plan your day in advance
  3. Generate interest in studies
  4. Do one small thing consistently for some months like I developed it by writing diary daily ,this gave me that will power required for committment .

Always remember if you can do one small thing consistently,then you can do big things also .


How to revise for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone


This is called revision curve
A lot of you complained about forgetting information learned in 2-3 days ,reason for that is presented in the image below .
So please follow following tips to sharpen memory :

  1. 45 min revision before sleep of those topics you learned in a day
  2. After class,do revision – just a glimpse and make a mental summary of all topics in your mind .


Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Notes

How to avoid trap during UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone


If you have seen one lecture on one particular subject and completed its course and read one reference book on that subject ,you don’t have to see the different lectures or read different books on the same subject EVEN if you find world’s best lecture or best book on that subject .FOLLOW ONLY ONE SOURCE .

This is the biggest trap ,as this leads to wastage of time and your syllabus may not get completed .

Diwali wishes to students by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


Happy Diwali 🪔
Today please don’t study . Enjoy with your family and celebrate and most importantly help your parents .
I have seen Upsc aspirants just studying in that small room , this is really toxic .

This Diwali rejuvenate yourself


Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper with Agriculture Minister
Sandeep sir getting felicitated by the honorable union minister for agriculture and farmer’s welfare in his home town.

Philosophical approach to UPSC CSE Preparation by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone



When you will come to interview stage you will all realise that civil servants of any country have a skill to dive deep into concepts , philosophy and words .

So why not start from now :

Way forward :

Whenever reading any topic or concept understand it’s vocabulary .For example geopolitics ,find what is meant by Geo and politics and search its meaning on internet and then read your book about it .

Like when ever you are interacting with friends start understanding both words ,spirit and non verbal habits .This will make you more aware about sorroundings .

So start trying this from today itself .


Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Booklist

Hello everyone

Book recommendations

For physical fitness we do exercise , in the same way for mental fitness reading good content is important.

  1. 7habits of highly effective people
  2. Think and grow rich
  3. BHAGVAT Geeta
  4. Ramayan
  5. Happiness unlimited
  6. Dale Carnegie books

Start with these
Note : you can also subscribe to a podcast which gives audio summary of these books .


Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Video

Hello everyone


Look at this video .
Arvind is dear friend of mine , understand this strategy in letter and spirit .


Mains Strategy Video on 5PM today. Lets hope its worth it. Find it here in 30 minutes –

How to finish current affairs for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


UPSC HACK -to complete current affairs

Complete 5 pages of monthly magazine everyday for coverage of current affairs

This is will take 40 mins every day and you would not require 1 extra month for Coverage of current affairs before exam .


  1. Better retention
  2. Easy coverage
  3. Better management of stress .
  4. More motivation
  5. One can also relate static with current in a effective way


How to make notes from All India Radio for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone

ADVICE – #25


  1. Expert’s opinion on current topics
  2. Points for mains answer
  3. Less importance needs to be given to lengthy editorials of newspapers
  4. Development of vocabulary and speaking skills .

One can get it on news on air app under National news section , spotlight comes every day after 9 pm news .


Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Video

Hello everyone


Look at this video

How to Prepare Vocabulary for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone


Steps :

  1. Read Indian express — don’t use The Hindu as it has complex language .
  2. Find out difficult words and write it along with its meaning in separate notebook .
  3. Start using them in day to day conversation and daily answer writing

Benefits :

  1. Good words can comprehend a lot like sustainable development can comprehend today’s vision of development
  2. Better understanding of concepts and interlinkages
  3. Good marks in mains .

If the problem is high then THE BOOK – WORD POWER MADE EASY IS RECOMMENDED .Read one chapter daily .


Essay Preparation Strategy by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


My bucket of thoughts

Read this pages carefully ,and understand as it will allow you to deal with stress effectively .

This essay consist of 4 advices for 4 days .

Answer Writing Preparation Strategy by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper


Hello everyone
Advice -#28

For answer writing

Write answers from previous year questions for this buy kbc nano and new Vishal publication series .

Answer writing strategy

For beginner
Write one answer daily

For those who have already completed the syllabus
Write atleast 4 answers daily and subscribe test series from vision IAS or forum IAS .


How to evaluate your own answer for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone



1.check for basic aspects first – length ,time ,answering all parts of questions and how close you are to the answer that is desired according to the keywords .

  1. Compare your answer with unacademy model answers and look for points that you missed .
  2. Compare answers with Topper’s answer .One can get topper’ s answer sheet on various coaching sites .

Don’t mark just strive for a complete answer for now .

This is a handy approach instead of waiting for hours or days for checked answer .


How to prepare for Economics Optional by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


Economics is difficult so :

Open investopedia site and look at 1 min videos of complex economic terms

It’s very easy to understand and takes less time


Should you prepare for UPSC CSE during marriage ceremony by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


If by chance you are unable to follow schedule as you have to go to wedding or travelling somewhere or you are sick , then just follow a approach where you don’t compromise on three basic things which takes less than 3 hours

  1. Read newspaper – just a glimpse
  2. See editorial videos on YouTube
  3. Practice some questions either for mains or for pre

This will allow you to handle exigencies of life without disrupting the flow of learning .


How to finish UPSC Polity for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone



  1. COMPLETE books like Indian Polity by Laxmikant and Governance by Laxmikant .
  2. Complete previous year questions of mains and prelims from PYQ BOOKS .

A. Try to link current topics with constitutional provisions and Indian polity syllabus .
For example :
Budget is presented ,then find which article says about this and what is finance bills and appropriation bill ? from reference books

B.practice questions for mains while giving priority to current topics ,as indian polity is becoming more and more current oriented .
After completion of this one may move to other sources but this mentioned strategy is non negotiable .


How to complete NCERT in 1 month for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello @everyone



Read ncert summary on unacademy platform and then read chapter
Benefits :

  1. Before reading the chapter you would know what is important
  2. Summary comforts you about the upcoming topic thus you become more attentive
  3. Note making becomes easy as you know what is important .

It can save time and ncerts can be completed easily .

This is the free course I am referring to

How to complete Internal Security for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


Completing internal security

  1. Complete book Ashok Kumar IPS
  2. Progress according to Upsc syllabus
  3. Make short notes
    4.See previous year questions
  4. Relate static with Vision IAS current affair magazine .
    6.Don’t do anything else

It’s very easy to complete , just 10 days required to handle almost any security question


Should you share your knowledge during UPSC CSE Preparation by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


Knowledge sharing

Share your knowledge with almost everyone . While having tea time or travelling just try to relate all things around you with Upsc syllabus , it will be easier for you to retain this vast knowledge .

Like right now I will be heading towards lbsnaa , so while travelling I will surely think of Himalayas , their formation and will discuss it with my friends and in this way I may gain new knowledge .

So try this and see beautiful results and a long lasting bond between your like minded friends comes handy .


Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC LBSNAA Mail
Call from LBSNAA

Should you dream for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


What you dream of ?

Many students were saying my dream is to be in lbsnaa , to be an IAS or IPS or IRS . Well in my opinion the dream is wrongly stated , your dream should never be so small and narrow , it should always be what service you are going to give to nation and not what service you are allocated to .

This change in mindset will allow you to be unattached and even if you don’t clear the exam , you will be satisfied with the service you gave to ur nation irrespective of capacity or position .

Remember : always dream big and have a beautiful purpose which benefits all .


Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Director LBSNAA Mail

Is editorial important for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


Should we read editorial or not ?

I used to read editorial but only those which are relevant and have new topic

Always remember certain things :

  1. If on one topic editorial has already been read , pls don’t read that same topic again , majorly it’s a waste of time .
  2. Read explained of Indian express , that’s it , that is enough but if you want more read the Hindu .
  3. If you don’t want to read editorial see online discussion video , only IAS videos on YouTube is good
  4. If you don’t want to read , then u got one more option listen to all India radio spotlight analysis .

When exam are underway just don’t read editorial .
And yes one can make short notes on editorials but focus more on monthly magazine rather than daily newspaper for editorials


Should you write diary during UPSC CSE Preparation by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


Diary writing

Whenever you hear this word , you may feel tired or a cumbersome task , but do you know writing a page in diary takes just 8 minutes .

If you chose to give 8 minutes everyday before sleep for writing diary , then

  1. You will develop very good analytical mindset
  2. You will have a memoir or a personal autobiography ready , it will allow you to understand yourself in detail . In a way you will find yourself and your purpose .
  3. It can act as motivation for future .
  4. Brings clarity in thought
  5. Answer writing skill also gets developed

But it is still your choice , but I would suggest please have a hobby .


How to complete geography for UPSC CSE by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


Completing Geography

  1. Read Ncert 11th and 12th.
  2. Overlook of Sarvinder singh -physical geography.
  3. Previous year papers .
  4. Study through syllabus

Try to cover current affairs of geography through vision IAS current affair magazine

Focus on this first , then go for other sources .

How to Prepare for UPSC CSE 2023 by Sandeep Rajoriya UPSC Topper

Hello everyone


For those who are preparing for next attempt in 2023

Work that needs to be done before writing answers

Understand one thing that more ideas will fetch you more marks , almost all can write answers but few can generate innovative and new ideas .

To have this skill
Take a rough page and take up a topic and everything that comes in mind , start scribbling and generate new ideas by asking different questions and it can wierd also like why , how , when and why .. that is how new ideas take birth .

Try it out ok


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