Pranita Dash Biography, Age, UPSC Marksheet, Rank, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Pranita Dash UPSC Topper Biography

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper Biography

“One must understand that this is a long journey that will require two years of hard work.” I am also a Cambridge student who has taken exams in the meantime. “I am relieved that everything went as planned,” Dash added.

Many people aspire to join the civil service. Pranita Dash of Odisha is one such fortunate applicant, having secured an All India Rank of 42 in the civil services examinations 2022. Dash passed the civil service exam, the results of which were released today.

Dash claimed that getting coaching and preparing for interviews and practise tests helped him pass the UPSC exam. Dash received her undergraduate degree from St. Xavier’s in Kolkata and is currently pursuing an MPhil at Cambridge University.

Success ethos
I worked smarter than I did hard throughout the past year. Everything is available online, whether you want to read something or not. However, I concentrated on reviewing and practising, and all praise is due to my uncle, an Orissa High Court justice. He motivated me to work in the public sector and give back to the community. Dash added that my family had helped me as well.

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper Rank

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper Rank

“IAS will give me the ideal opportunity to work at the grassroots level and improve the lives of the most vulnerable people. Staying together as a family has also been beneficial since we find inspiration in each other, added Dash.

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How Did the Interview Go?
I was questioned extensively about economics and Odisha, and I was asked what I as a Collector could do to address the issue of labour migration. In addition, I was asked a lot of strange questions to which I respectfully replied that I had no answer, stated Dash.

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper Age

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper Age

Dash declared, “I want to serve in Odisha, and even if I am not awarded an Odisha cadre, I will still give my all and carry out my duties as a decent public servant.

Tips for Aspirants
Choose a topic that interests you since it will make the journey easier, advised Pranita Dash.

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper Marksheet

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper Marksheet

Odisha native Pranita Dash, who passed the civil service exams, received an All India Rank of 42.

According to sources, Dash passed her first attempt at the 2022 Civil Services Examinations. She is attending Cambridge University to get her MPhil. Pranita had graduated from St. Xavier’s School in Kolkata.

She received coaching, practise tests, and mock interviews to assist her prepare for the civil service exams. She has urged pupils getting ready for exams to be confident and pick a subject they are passionate about.

She continued by saying that during the interview, she was asked a lot of unusual questions, some of which she respectfully declined and some of which she answered.

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper Optional Subject

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper Optional Subject

Ishita Kishore, Garima Lohia, Uma Harathi N, and Smriti Mishra are the top female performers this year, with Ishita Kishore leading the pack.

The civil services mains final results for 2022 have been released by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Candidates can view their specific results on the website, which is the official website.

The UPSC CSE preliminary examination took place on June 5, 2022, and the results were made public on June 22. The primary test was given between September 16 and September 25, and the results were released on December 6. On May 18, the interviews came to an end.

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The CSE 2023 preliminary exams are scheduled to be held by the UPSC on May 28. On the official website, the admission cards for the exam have been made available.

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper Caste

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper Caste

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper State

The results of the 2022 Civil Services Exam were released by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on Tuesday, and Pranita Dash of Odisha earned the 42nd spot.

After three years of diligent study, she passed the exam on her second try.

Pranita is at the University of Cambridge in the UK right now working on her MPhil in Economics. She added, “Revision, practise, and mock tests before the exam helped me,” and that her uncle Justice Debabrata Dash, an Orissa High Court judge, had motivated her to take the exam.

She also took economics as an elective in the UPSC test.

Pranita claimed that she had performed admirably in the interview in which she was questioned on world, political, and development economics as well as on Bhubaneswar’s status as a smart city and the migration issue in Odisha.

She also thanked her parents and siblings for their support during this trip and for keeping her motivated anytime she felt down. She is a student at DAV Pokhariput. “I was attracted to the public service because of its influence on society. I want to join the Indian Administrative Service because it will give me the chance to work with the underprivileged and make a difference in their lives, she added.

Pranita Dash UPSC Topper PDF Notes

Pranita stated that she preferred the Odisha cadre.

At least 18 candidates from the state passed the test, with Anup Das coming out on top with a 38th-place finish. Pranita (42) and Kasturi Panda (67) were next on the list.

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Another occasion for the entire Mother’s Public School fraternity to be happy and proud. The incredible success of our former students Pranita Das, Soumya Ranjan Dash, and Ayushi Pradhan in the 2022 UPSC Civil Service Examinations has added another gem to the School’s crowning achievement. In the UPSC Civil Service Exam, Pranita Dash earned an All-India Rank of 42, while Soumya Ranjan Dash earned an All-India Rank of 136, followed by Ayushi Pradhan with an All-India Rank of 334.
Pranita Dash completed her secondary education at Mother’s Public School in 2015 and received a 95.2% on the CBSE Board Exam. She graduated from St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata, with a BS in Economics.

She then enrolled at Queen Mary University in London for the 2018–2019 academic year to begin her M.Sc. in Economics. She is presently working towards her MPhil in Economics at Cambridge University in the UK.
Soumya Ranjan Dash completed his secondary education at Mother’s Public School in 2017 and earned a 96.6% on the CBSE Board Exam. He won the 2016–2017 school year topper award. He held the KVPY rank as well. He had a 340 All India Rank. IIT Kanpur is where he received his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. After then, he is employed by Adobe Systems as a software development engineer.
In 2015, Ayushi Pradhan completed her secondary education at Mother’s Public School and earned a 93% on the CBSE Board Exam.

She earned a B.Tech. in Computer Science from CET College. She then spent a year working as a software developer for TEKsystems.In addition to congratulating them, the principal and the entire Mother’s Public School community wish them luck with their future endeavours.