Shishir Gupta IAS Biography, Wife Name, Marksheet, Date of Birth, Age, Caste

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Shishir Gupta IAS Biography

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Shishir Gupta IAS Marksheet (Prelims)

Shishir Gupta IAS Marksheet (Prelims)
Roll Number 1106128
Name Shishir Gupta IAS
Paper 1  Not Available
Paper 2 Not Available


ESSAY  Not Available
GENERAL STUDIES 1  Not Available
GENERAL STUDIES 2  Not Available
GENERAL STUDIES 3  Not Available
GENERAL STUDIES 4  Not Available
Optional Paper 1  Not Available
Optional Paper 2  Not Available
Written Total  Not Available
Personality Total  Not Available
Final Total  Not Available

Shishir Gupta IAS Biography

Shishir Gupta IAS Biography
NameShishir Gupta IAS
Age32 in 2023
All India RankAIR 50
Roll Number1106128
Marks450 out of the 500 marks in optional papers.
Optional SubjectMathematics
Hometown/CityJaipur, Rajasthan

Do you want to know what the best book of 2019 is about? Do you want to learn the methods he used to do well on the test? Well, this piece has all the tips and a biography of Shishir Gupta IAS so you can move towards your dream with full confidence, conviction, and determination.
People who never give up and keep working towards their goals are the ones who succeed. Winners don’t get down on themselves when they fail at something. Instead, they use their mistakes as stepping stones to success.

This piece has a winner that will give you insight and help you find your way to your dream destination. He is a winner not only because he worked hard and reached his goal of passing India’s hardest test, but also because he didn’t give up on his dreams even when he got a high-paying job in Abu Dhabi.

So, if you want to be a winner on the test and in life, you should read the whole article right away to learn what kind of people are honest and inspiring. So, here is IAS Shishir Gupta’s story so you can learn and grow from it.

IAS Shishir Gupta

Shishir Gupta IAS wife name

We all know that the UPSC CSE test is the most difficult and prestigious exam given in India. He has been able to go after his goals with courage and hard work.
He went to IIT Mumbai to study engineering. He got a good job with a good salary in Abu Dhabi because he worked hard and was smart, but this wasn’t his dream or future. He quit his job because he wanted to join UPSC and serve the country with honour. Well, everyone gets upset when they don’t get what they want.

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After failing the CSE twice, he also fell into a deep sadness. But he was brave enough to get up and shine with the help of his family and his hard work. The results he got on his last try showed that all of his training and hard work were worth it.

Everyone is proud of him for being honest, working hard, being dedicated, and not giving up. Do you want to learn more about his rank, his alternative subject, and how he studied? If so, let’s use the inspiration from IAS Shishir Gupta to move forward on the path to success.

IAS Shishir Gupta Rank

Shishir Gupta IAS marksheet

IAS In 2019, Shishir Gupta has AIR 50. He tried for the UPSC test for the first time in 2016. Even though he was sick, he passed the test, but he took it again in 2017.
This year, he made it through the preliminary and main rounds, but he didn’t make it to the final list because of the stress round in the interview part. He worked hard and loved what he did to make his dreams come true in the year 2019.

IAS Shishir Gupta was sure he would get 450 out of 500 on his extra subject. He thought that it would be better to focus on the 80% of the course that was easier than the 20% that was the hardest. He used to spend 10–15 minutes looking at the map to get a better sense of the places and things on it.

He also made tables with the most common CSE questions from each year. All of the UPSC candidates look up to him for his decisions, wisdom, and drive. He is from Jaipur, which is in Rajasthan. Shishir’s father works for the government as a teacher, and his mother takes care of the house. He went to school in Jaipur, and at IIT Bombay, he got a degree in chemical engineering. He has struggled with sadness and loss. He worked really hard and studied on his own to get to this amazing place.

Shishir Gupta IAS date of birth

IAS Shishir Gupta Strategy

Shishir Gupta says that the prospects should focus on the preliminary tests before the test. The candidates can test their skills by looking at the answer papers of the top scorers, which are available online.
You need to learn how to back up your comments with facts. You should use direct quotes from government reports and plans in the writing part of the answer. You should put the Indian map in the General Studies area when it’s needed.

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Also, you should study current events before both the prelims test and the interview, since most questions are based on current events. You should also look for real newspapers and YouTube sites to help you prepare.

All people who want to learn geography should look at a map carefully and make a list of the soils and other aspects of the land. Do a lot of work on this subject so you can give the right replies. For the politics part, you should look at government websites to find out about changes and new information.
Also, they must know everything there is to know about the Constitution. If you use the right tactics, you’ll be able to get on the list of people who passed the test.

IAS Shishir Gupta Optional Subject

IAS Shishir picked mathematics as one of his optional subjects because he was good at it and had passed the JEE exam when he was in grade 12. He thought that it would be hard to learn everything about a subject, so he thought that if he did well on 80–90% of the material, he could get good grades.
He took notes on the subject, and based on his plan, he thought he would get 450 out of 500 on the optional paper.

He gave GS the extra time he had during the preparation part. He said that the candidates shouldn’t just use one source to prepare, but should also use books, TV, and websites.
He got the 50th rank because he spent a lot of time preparing and learned from the two times he failed. This is why loss isn’t seen as the end goal, but as a step towards success.

What IAS Shishir Learned

IAS Shishir tried twice to get to the questioning part of the test. Because of the COVID situation, the most recent interview was different from the last one. During his last try at an interview, everyone wore a mask and face shield.

He had trouble with the new rules because it was uncomfortable to wear the mask with his glasses, and because the inspectors were also wearing masks, he couldn’t hear them well. He said that the candidate shouldn’t lose his or her cool and confidence during this part of the interview, no matter how hard it gets.
After so many ups and downs, he finally reached his goal.

This was an amazing experience for him as a whole. His hard work and dedication are for the good of the country. Everyone who wants to run for office should learn from him how to stand out and face all the obstacles.

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We’re sure that reading this article gave you confidence, information, understanding, inspiration, and the ability to come up with a plan, all of which are very important for your test and for the rest of your life. IAS Shishir Gupta’s story is inspiring because everyone who wants to get into UPSC CSE will learn to follow their dreams, no matter what job they want or where they want to go.

If you believe you can do it, you can.
So, you should move in the direction of your goals. You should go to to talk to the best pros and get the best lectures to help you prepare for the test. The experts will also show you how to work in the right way and on the right topics by giving you strategies and preparation tips.

Biographies are the best way to get motivated and ready for a test because they teach you to focus on the most important parts of the exam. On the website, you can find more preparation tips and articles about UPSC sections, which will help you improve your intellectual power and get ready for the hardest and most amazing test.

You can also measure how well you do by taking fake tests and practise tests. So, let’s move towards our dream by building the right foundation.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) runs the UPSC civil services exam, which is thought to be one of the hardest tests in India. The important test has three steps that a good candidate must finish in a year. Every year, about 3–4 lakh people try to pass the test, but only a few do well enough to become IAS, IPS, IFS, and other civil servants.

Some aspirants’ mental health can be hurt if they don’t pass the UPSC test. In this piece, we’ll talk about IAS Shishir Gupta, who, after failing the UPSC exam twice, also fell into depression. What is Shishir Gupta, IAS?

IAS Shishir Gupta is an officer of the AGMUT Cadre from the 2020 batch. He is the SDM for Ramnagar and Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir right now. He was born and went to school in Jaipur, also known as the “Pink City.” He got his degree in chemical engineering from IIT-Bombay and then got a high-paying job in Abu Dhabi. From 2013 to 2015, he was a Process Engineer at Bilfinger Tebodin for almost two years. But he quit his job to study for the Civil Services Exam.

But after two failed tries, he became depressed as well. But the strength his family gave him kept him going. He got back on his feet, and in 2019 he finally passed the UPSC test. All India Rank (AIR) 50 went to IAS Shishir Gupta.

He took the UPSC test for the first time in 2016, but he didn’t do well. He tried again in 2017, but he missed the mark by 6 points. Shishir had told a news station in an interview that he was sad because he had failed twice. After failing and getting depressed, he started studying again for the UPSC tests and got AIR 50 in 2019.