Devyani Singh IRS Biography, Posting, Husband, Age, Educational Qualification, Date of Birth

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Devyani Singh IRS Biography

Devyani Singh IRS Booklist

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Devyani Singh UPSC Marksheet (Prelims)

Devyani Singh UPSC Marksheet (Prelims)
Roll Number Unknown
Name Devyani Singh
Paper 1 Unknown
Paper 2 Unknown


ESSAY Unknown
Optional Paper 1 Unknown
Optional Paper 2 Unknown
Written Total Unknown
Personality Total Unknown
Final Total Unknown
Devyani Singh IRS posting

Devyani Singh IRS Biography

Devyani Singh UPSC Biography
NameDevyani Singh
All India Rank11th Rank
Roll NumberUnknown
Optional SubjectPublic administration
Devyani Singh IRS husband age

Winners must be something you’ve heard of, but do you know who they are? Well, a winner goes through everything, and once they’ve dealt with all the problems, they move forward and get to their goal. Well, UPSC CSE is the hardest test, and after the first few tries, the candidates start to feel stressed and down. They get down on themselves and don’t work as hard as they used to because they see loss as the end goal instead of a step on the way to success.

After reading this article, you’ll know that the number of times you try doesn’t mean as much as your confidence. IAS Devyani Yadav Wiki will tell you that if you want something, you have to work hard until you get it.

Devyani Singh IRS educational qualification

She has tried 5 times to pass this test and reach her goals. That’s what a real winner looks like. So, let’s read this motivational piece on IAS Devyani Yadav’s wiki right away and get inspired to reach our goal.

IAS Devyani Yadav Wiki

Many millennials want to do well on this test, but only a small number do so through hard work. IAS Devyani has reached her goal of becoming an IAS. She comes from Haryana, Mahendergarh.

When it comes to her training, this IAS officer went to the SH Senior Secondary School in Chandigarh. Vinay Singh, who is in charge of the Hisar Division, is her father. She is proud to be her father’s daughter. This friendly woman got her bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from the Goa Campus of BITS Pilani.

Devyani Singh IRS instagram

She got her diploma in 2014. IAS Devyani got the eleventh best score in the UPSC CSE. This is because she didn’t give up and kept going. She wanted to do this job ever since she was a child and saw her father serve the country.

She has seen how hard her father works and how much he cares. Her father has been a big reason for her to keep going. All young people can learn from him.

IAS Devyani Yadav Strategy

Devyani Singh IRS state

This smart and careful officer’s plan is to be passionate, determined, and sure of himself. IAS Devyani Yadav’s plan says that the amount of hours spent studying and preparing is not as important as staying focused and learning all the time.

On weekends, she used to study. During the time she was studying, she didn’t pay attention to how many hours she was studying, but she did her best to study whenever she could. On her last try, she didn’t have much time to study because she had to train, so she would study on the weekends. To do well on the parts of the test, you need to keep learning and focus on it.

IAS Devyani Yadav’s plan says that you should set a goal for how many points you want to get by looking at your weaknesses and strengths and figuring out how many points you got for each part. She did the same thing.

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She wanted to get the highest score possible in Devyani Yadav extra subject on her last try. She also says that taking practise tests helps you get ready for the real test. She said that the practise tests helped her a lot in getting ready for the interview round. She put a lot of effort into writing and reading the newspaper every day. If you want to do even better on the test, you should use these tactics.

IAS Devyani Yadav Journey

Devyani Singh IRS picture

This young woman has had a hard life. In 2020, Devyani did well. Before this, she had tried three times in 2015, 2016, and 2017 and failed each time. On her first and second try, she couldn’t even pass the preliminary tests. In 2017, her name wasn’t on the final list, but she did make it to the interview stage. The candidate must have become negative after going through so much stress, but she didn’t give up and didn’t stop trying.

She took the UPSC test once more in 2019. This was the try that helped her get AIR 222 to work. She was chosen for the Central Audit Department when she got the 222nd rank. She was also chosen for the government service in Rajasthan in 2019.

Devyani started training for the job, but she also kept training for UPSC so she could reach her goal. She got 11th rank AIR with her plans, drive, hard work, and love. She is a great example for people who give up after one or two tries. She has shown that being brave and determined can lead to good things.

IAS Devyani Yadav’s Life

Devyani Singh IRS rank

By reading the IAS Devyani Yadav Wiki, you must have gotten an idea of how passionate, dedicated, and hard-working this young woman is. She has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. This is a fact about her life.
She took this class, but she always wanted to work for the government. As she grew up, she saw how hard her father worked to serve the country. She was so moved by her dad that she thought about going into public service.

She has tried five times to pass the UPSC test. On her first three tries, she failed, but on her fourth try, with AIR 222, she reached her goal. This wasn’t her dream, so she worked even harder to get a better rank and more chances to do what she really wanted to do. She used to train all week and then study on the weekends. She went to school in Shimla.

During her last try, she focused on the practise tests, reading the newspaper, and the subjects that were not required. This officer is an example for all young people trying to reach their goals in life, not just those who want to join the UPSC.
Everyone can learn from this IAS officer how to be brave and have faith. She paid attention to her work and didn’t notice anything. She also did a lot of work to get ready for the interview. You need to learn from her.

Preparation for UPSC

Devyani Singh IRS current posting

Getting ready for this test is a very hard and trying process. The candidates work hard to prepare for every part of the test, and they are upset if they don’t get the scores and ranks they want. Devyani Yadav has given people the courage and motivation to stay positive and work hard every day to get where they want to go.

The interview is a very important round, so all the candidates must also take mock tests to prepare for this amazing round. The candidates must have faith in themselves and be sure they can reach their goal. To keep learning, you need to make a study plan to follow. You must spend more time on your weak spots and work hard on your strong points. With all the practise and the right help, you’ll be able to do well on the test.

We hope that this article has given you more strength, optimism, and commitment. If you’re having trouble with the UPSC test, you can learn from her and move forward with confidence and hard work. She has dealt with both her problems and her mistakes and turned them into successes.

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You should go to to read more success stories of officers like this one. The best thing you can learn from this test is how to guide and inspire yourself. The best way to get ideas is to look to people who have been in your shoes and come out on top. So, go to the site and read more articles to get yourself motivated and moving in the right way.

Also, there are articles about each part of the test that will help you prepare well and do well. Professionals are on the website to give you exact answers to your questions and help you figure out what to do next. Let’s stand on the right platform and be perfect!

Devyani Yadav got an All India Rank (AIR) of 11 on her fifth try at the Union Public Service Commission Civil Service Exam (CSE). She gives advice to people who want to take the test.
People who want to take the Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) Civil Service Examination (CSE) have to spend about a year getting ready. In 2020, Devyani Yadav got an All India Rank (AIR) of 11. She took the test four times before she passed.

Devyani has taken this test five times in her life, and she now helps other people prepare for it by sharing what she has learned. Devyani finished from BITS Pilani’s Goa Campus in 2014 with a degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. After that, she went to work for a private company. “During my job, I realised that my skills were best suited for government work, so I began studying for the UPSC CSE,” Devyani tells

Vinay Singh, Devyani’s father, was also a part of the government as the Divisional Commissioner for Hisar. “Seeing him work has taught me a lot about how the services work. “One of the main reasons I took the exam was to be able to make a difference on the ground level,” she says.
Devyani took the UPSC CSE for the first time in 2015 and then again in 2016, but she failed to pass the prelims both times.

In 2017, she got further and was invited to an interview, but her name was not on the final list. On her fourth try in 2018, she got an AIR of 222 and was put in charge of the Central Audit Department.
When she took the test again in 2019, she was still on probation.

How to prepare for UPSC by Devyani Singh

Devyani Singh IRS

Devyani tells aspiring people what she has learned:

  1. Focus on your weaker subjects. Devyani says that students should pay as much attention, if not more, to their weaker subjects than to the ones they know well. “Give more weight to the things you think are your weakest links. Make sure you only read standard books and don’t waste time on new material. Even as you do mock tests and look at the results, make sure you take time to figure out where you went wrong, she says.
  2. She also says, “Focus on the limited resources you have and make sure you spend as much time as possible revising.”
  1. Quality is more important than number. An aspiring person can spend all their time preparing and still not get the results they want. Because of this, it is important to spend quality time getting ready. “I was on probation when I took the test for the fifth time. During the week, I spent a lot of time on my work. But I made sure to put in twice as much work on the weekends. Planning the plan also made it easier to cover the material quickly.”
    She says that going into the test with a plan is what helped her get a good score on her fifth try.
  2. Mock tests help you evaluate yourself: Mock tests are a great way to evaluate yourself. Devyani says that you should take at least 40 tests before taking the exam. “The UPSC CSE test is getting harder to predict every year. The more mocks you try, the more you will understand. It’s important not to let the mock scores get you down or make you feel too sure of yourself. “Only use it to look at things,” she says.
    Aspirants will do well to spend the same amount of time on both the test paper analysis and the analysis of the real paper.
  3. Sharpen your reading skills:
    Aspirants might sometimes misread the question in order to finish the paper fast.
    Devyani says, “To do well on the exam, you need to be able to read and understand what is being asked of you.” For instance, an easy “true or false” question could be misread, causing the student to lose points. Aspirants may be asked to mark the statements that are “not true,” but if they don’t read the question properly, that could lead to the wrong answer. So, learn to think critically when you read.”
    Don’t make these small mistakes because they will hurt your grade on the work.
  4. Find a good mix. Since wrong answers cost negative points on the test, candidates must be sure of their answers. “It’s important to find a good mix between answering questions you don’t know the answer to and questions you don’t know anything about. It is better to answer a few more questions so that even if you get a few wrong, the average is still good. I would try to answer between 85 and 90 of them.”
  5. Be honest as you prepare: “It’s very important to be 100% honest with yourself as you prepare. No matter how many times you’ve tried, you should go into each test with a clear head. “You should stay away from both too much and too little confidence,” says Devyani. At every step of getting ready, those who want to do it must keep a positive attitude. This frame of thought can also help you do better on the test.
    Stay as cheerful as you can if you want to be able to handle the UPSC CSE’s quirks.
  6. Make a plan for taking notes:
    Set up your notes based on how much time you have to study. “Your notes shouldn’t just be a copy of what you read in the book. You have to write it in your own words. Only things that need to be changed later should be written in the notes. The optional paper demands a lot of reading, so it’s smart to take notes. But general studies information is easy to find in the form of notes, so you can skip it,” says Devyani.
    Use technology to your advantage when you’re taking notes. There are many apps that make it easy to keep track of information.
  7. Find useful online content: There are many online sites that can help aspirants. Devyani knows the name of a few of them. One of them is Study IQ, which is a website that breaks down different problems by topic. This helps me figure out what I think about a lot of different things. Devyani also found Mrunal and Insights on India to be helpful during her trip to get ready. “I learned a lot about how to write answers by reading some of the answers that were posted on these sites. It taught me a lot about how answers should be put together,” she says.
  8. Look over past preliminary tests:
    Pick the prelims papers from the last 10 years and go through them very carefully.Not only should you spend time on the questions, but you should also look at the choices given in the paper. Sometimes, a choice can be asked as a full question the following year. So, keeping this in mind as you look over the prelims questions will help you prepare better.”
    Set aside time after you finish the prelims to look over your mistakes and fix them.
  9. Pay attention to presentation:
    As important as the information is, don’t forget that how you present it is also very important. The inspector has to grade many answer sheets every day, so making your answers stand out will help you.A few small changes can help you answer the test. Mark the part you want people to pay attention to. If you’re talking about a number or a quote, make it stand out by writing it in bold or putting it in a different colour. You can also add diagrams, maps, or flowcharts to your comments to make them more interesting.
    Do the best you can with the time you have. Don’t spend more time than you have to on making visual material or pointing out important points.
    In the end, she says, “There is no other way than to work hard. This test deserves your attention, and if you pass, you stand to gain a lot. So just keep your mind on it.”
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