Vagisha Joshi IAS Biography, UPSC Marksheet, Age, Rank, Caste

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Vagisha Joshi IAS Biography

Vagisha Joshi IAS Biography

Vagisha Joshi IAS Biography
NameVagisha Joshi IAS
All India Rank168th Rank
Roll Number1102114
Marks Not Available
Optional SubjectPsychology

Vagisha Joshi IAS Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book


ESSAY  Not Available
GENERAL STUDIES 1  Not Available
GENERAL STUDIES 2  Not Available
GENERAL STUDIES 3  Not Available
GENERAL STUDIES 4  Not Available
Optional Paper 1  Not Available
Optional Paper 2  Not Available
Written Total  Not Available
Personality Total  Not Available
Final Total  Not Available

Vagisha Joshi IAS marksheet

Do you want to know more about the story of the 2020 UPSC TOPPER ? Do you want to know what he did to do so well on the test? This piece has all of the strategies and Vagisha’s biography, so you can take the first step towards your dream with full conviction, confidence, and determination.

Those who do well are the ones who never give up and keep going forward. This article has a winner who got it right the first time. She will give you the information and insight you need to get to your dream goal.

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So, if you want to do well on the test and in life, you should read the whole piece right away to find out what true and inspiring people have in common. So, here is the story of Vagisha Joshi to help you learn and grow.

The story of Vagisha Joshi

Vagisha Joshi, who is 25 years old and from Jaipur’s Chambal Power House Colony on Hawa Sadak, was placed 168th. She didn’t hire a coach; instead, she worked on her own and did well the first time. Vagisha said that Sujata Joshi’s mom’s dream was to become an IAS servant.

The younger brother, Vidhu Shekhar Joshi, was also very helpful. She used to study in great detail, but after her brother taught her some tricks, she not only finished the course faster but also had more time to review. In 2019, Vagisha got her Master of Arts in Ecology from Delhi University. She also won the gold medal in this event. Then she started preparing for the IAS test.

Wiki Facts

This time, she made a weekly plan and studied according to it. It was the first time she did well. Father Ashutosh Joshi is the Chief Controller of Accounts for the Jaipur Vidyut Distribution Corporation. She is Pankaj Joshi’s niece. Pankaj Joshi used to be the city’s mayor.

The Vagisha Joshi Plan

Vagisha thought that if she answered fewer questions, she wouldn’t have a chance of getting it. She didn’t know if she would pass prelims until the results came out. She told the people who wanted to join that they should make their own preparations based on how they are.

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Her first interview was on April 26, and her family was so nice to her and helpful that she was able to do it. Her teaching team was also very helpful. She used Bing’s monthly magazine, which covers everything, including the economy.

Vagisha Joshi IAS age

Vagisha Joshi IAS Optional

Ethics and psychology were two of her options. She picked Psychology because she has a degree in it and didn’t spend much time on her choice. It took her about three weeks to make notes, one week to review, and one week before the test to prepare for ethics.

Did a lot of practise with UPSC questions, but she didn’t have time to take the test series because, as she said, mains was hard.

She watched some of the top students’ movies and read some of their answers, but she didn’t want to copy what they did because she wanted to be herself. Since it was her first time, she needed notes that were easy to understand.

Hints for Psychology as Optional

Stick to a small number of books that cover about 95% of the required reading for this alternative. Don’t try to read ten books at once or you’ll be too busy and stressed out.
For some of the choices in this optional, you can also go with your gut.
For this topic, especially if you are learning psychology for the first time, NCERTs are very important.

Before your prelims test, you should at least once go over the whole psychology syllabus. Also, when you revise, use the same sources.

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You shouldn’t write your answers the same way you did on the GS tests. #The questions may look like those on the GS, but in the alternative, you have to write like an expert.

We know that reading this article has given you the understanding, knowledge, inspiration, and clear mind that will help you do well on your test and in the rest of your life. The story of Vagisha Joshi is inspiring because it shows all UPSC CSE aspirants how to follow their dreams and make their families happy.

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