Top 11 Best IAS Coaching in Guwahati | UPSC 2023

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Best IAS Coaching in Guwahati

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Best IAS Coaching in Guwahati | UPSC 2023

IAS Toppers from Guwahati, like Tanmay Vashistha Sharma, went to the best IAS coaching in Guwahati.

UPSC hires people for positions in the All India Civil Services, such as the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Revenue Services (IRS), Indian Administrative Services (IAS), and other Group A and Group B posts.

IAS in Guwahati –  Prepare For UPSC India’s Toughest Exam.

So, to pass the IAS test, you have to be very focused, know how to manage your time well, and know how to prepare for the civil services exam.

In this tough race, you have to go to the right IAS coaching classes. So, here at, we are going to show you the best IAS learning classes in Guwahati.

Guwahati City

North India has the city of Guwahati. It is the state capital of the Indian state of Assam. The Brahmaputra River runs next to the city of Guwahati. The Kamakhya Temple, the Navagraha Temple, and the Umananda Temple are also well-known places in Guwahati.

The Guwahati zip code is 781 006. Based on a survey done in 2011, the total number of people living in Guwahati City is 9.57 lakhs. The Gauhati University is well-known in the Kamrup Metropolitan area. We will talk in detail about the best IAS coaching centres in Guwahati in this post.
The best place to study for the IAS in Guwahati

Best IAS Coaching in Guwhati | UPSC CSE Exam Preparation

The Recruitment Body is the Union Public Service Commission, or UPSC. UPSC hires people to take the All India Services, Group A, and Central Services Examinations. You have to pass the UPSC CSE Exam to become an IAS officer.

IAS Exam is another name for UPSC CSE. IAS Exam is one of India’s most difficult tests. If you do well on the UPSC CSE Exam, the highest job you can get is IAS if you finish in the top 100.

How can someone in India become an IAS officer?

Get a good score on the IAS exam and you can become an IAS officer. It may look easy and elegant to become an IAS officer, but passing the IAS Exam is not easy.The Indian Administrative Service is part of the Indian Government.

Because of this, an IAS officer and other officials are also part of the government. Follow these steps to become an IAS officer.
Get a good score on the IAS Preliminary Exam. (Now called “CSAT Exam”).
You must pass the IAS Mains Examination.
Last IAS Interview Round Personality Test.

10 Best UPSC Coaching in Guwahati

The best IAS training is in Guwahati.

To pass the civil service test, you need to know what to do. A specialised IAS coaching school is the only place where a candidate can get this kind of help. Professionals with a lot of knowledge work at these institutes and can show you the right way to get ahead.

These IAS schools give the candidates good quality UPSC study materials that can really help them prepare well. Let’s talk about the IAS training in Assam in depth.

Prepare for UPSC Exam in Guwahati

Aspirants can choose from a number of teaching institutes, but to get the training they need to pass the IAS, they need to choose the right one. We put together a list of the best IAS coaching classes in Guwahati based on the following criteria:
Qualification for IAS Faculty.
IAS Fees.
UPSC Results.
number of students per teacher.
Material for class.

Here is a list of the best IAS coaching in Guwahati, with all the information you need. This list is based on the above criteria, and we have ranked them accordingly.

The information on the top IAS coaching institutes in Assam comes from many different places. Based on this information, these institutes have been ranked. It would be great if anyone who reads the next piece felt the need to say something or make a suggestion.

List of the 10 best IAS Coaching centres in Guwahati

There are a lot of IAS officers in Guwahati because of the top IAS coaching in Guwahati. Choose an IAS Coaching Centre in Guwahati that can help you prepare for the IAS Prelims, IAS Mains, and IAS Interview.

There are a lot of IAS coaching centres in Guwahati to help people prepare for the Civil Services Exam, which can be confusing. So, we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 IAS Coaching Centres in Guwahati to make it easier for you to choose one.
The best IAS coaching in Guwahati starts with
Rank 1 IAS Coaching by Plutus in Guwahati

Plutus IAS  Coaching in Guwahati

The best place to prepare for the Civil Services Exam in Guwahati is Plutus IAS.Many Indian civil servants have come from the Top IAS Faculties in Plutus IAS.

Plutus IAS and UPSC Online Coaching can help you pass the UPSC Civil Services Exam with IAS Online Classes and Online Coaching Classes for UPSC. Under the Plutus IAS Online Coaching programme, you can learn from India’s best teachers from anywhere, at any time.

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Plutus IAS Academy is the best IAS coaching centre in Guwahati. Join Plutus IAS’s online IAS coaching classes today. Our experts offer UPSC Online Coaching that has been proven to be excellent over time.

Why Should You Choose Plutus IAS Guwahati to Prepare for the Civil Services Exam?

At the Plutus IAS Centre in Guwahati, IAS experts give talks. The teaching of IAS candidates has been going on for more than 8 years.
Plutus IAS Coaching keeps putting on seminars in Guwahati where you can talk to IAS, IRS, IFS, and IPS officers.

This top IAS institute also offers special IAS classes on the weekends. Guwahati is home to the Plutus IAS Coaching Centre.Plutus IAS Guwahati is the number one Civil Services teaching centre in Guwahati.

Performance: Many people in Guwahati who want to get into the IAS like Plutus IAS Coaching. On the list of the best UPSC coaching in Guwahati, Plutus IAS Coaching is number one.

Contact Details

Plutus IAS Coaching in Guwahati Assam
Plutus IAS Guwahati AddressOnline IAS Coaching Center
Contact Number 8448440231
Plutus IAS Guwahati Fee structure1 Lac + GST (Full IAS Course Fees). IAS Prelims, IAS Mains and IAS Interview IAS Course Included. IAS Test Series Included.
Batch Size50
UPSC NotesPlutus IAS Study Material, Online Test Series
Teachers NameBest IAS Faculties with Good IAS Training  Experience.
Past Result S. Nagarajan, Alok Ranjan, Durishetty Anudeep,
Student Ratings 4.8 out of 5

Plutus IAS Guwahati Website:-
Address for emails:

The second best IAS coaching centre in Guwahati is

Chanakya IAS Coaching in Assam, Rank 2

Chanakya IAS Coaching in Guwahati

An old IAS school is the Chanakya IAS Coaching Centre in Guwahati. People do choose the Chanakya IAS Coaching Centre in Guwahati, Assam, to prepare for the UPSC CSE exam.

What the Chanakya IAS Academy in Guwahati has to offer

This IAS school uses a different method called “Intensive Research and Practice-Oriented,” or “IRPO.”
Students at the Chanakya IAS Institute in Guwahati only learn what they need to know, which saves a lot of time.

The UPSC looks for traits like those of an officer, which are taught at this IAS institute.
Chanakya IAS college Guwahati is a school that only helps people prepare for IAS exams.
The classrooms have everything needed to prepare for the IAS, and the setting is good enough to make the students feel good about themselves.

Fees: For a standard one-year course, the course fee is around $1,500. more than Rs 30000.
Some of the students trained at Chanakya IAS Guwahati always get into the top 500 ranks, and some even get into the top 100. Only this school trained All India Rank 18 in 2011 and AIR 78 in 2012. The Chanakya IAS Guwahati is the second best IAS training centre in Guwahati.

Contact Details

Chanakya IAS Coaching in Guwahati
Address Building No:101 Maniram Dewan Road Near SBI evening branch Kamrup, Silpukhuri, Guwahati, Assam 781003
Contact No.088110 92482
Chanakya IAS Guwahati Fee structure Rs 94,000/-
Batch Size50
UPSC NotesChanakya IAS Study Material, Online Test Series

Monday through Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Chanakya IAS Coaching in Guwahati Fee Structure
Course for beginners
GS (Prelims and Mains) + CSAT + Essay + Optional Fees = Rs. Rs. 1,92,000.
CSAT + GS Preims + GS Mains + Essay Writing Fees -> Rs 1, 37, 000.
IAS Prelims Fees: Rs. 75,000 (GS + CSAT).
Only the fees for GS Prelims are Rs. 60,000.
Find out how to get to Chanakya IAS Coaching in Guwahati with Google Maps.

Third Rank in Guwahati for Best Coaching for IAS is
Rank 3 Bhadra IAS Coaching in Guwahati

Bhadra IAS Coaching in Guwahati

This IAS Coaching Institute in Guwahati is the first and only one of its kind. Bhadra IAS Guwahati has been around for 38 years.The IAS faculty at Bhadra IAS Guwahati t is made up of 125 experienced professors and lecturers.

They make the IAS Preparation curriculum and put together the Top UPSC material based on a thorough analysis of the UPSC CSE exam over the years and the recent changes in all the topics.

Famous IAS Coaching in Assam

At Bhadra IAS Institute, the IAS classroom teaching is given by the top IAS experts who have a lot of experience preparing students for the IAS Exam.
The result is that every year, kids from Bhadra IAS Academy get the highest scores in any test.

Most of the success in the north-east comes from this school alone. This is why Bhadra IAS Institute is ranked third among the best IAS coaching centres in Guwahati.

Contact Details:-

Bhadra IAS Academy in Guwahati
AddressNear Maligaon Flyover Bridge, Gauri Bhawan, 3rd Floor, Above Bank of India, Guwahati, Assam pincode:-  781011.
Contact Number086383 91721
Bhadra IAS Guwahati Fee structure Rs 84,000/-
Batch Size50
UPSC NotesBhadra IAS Study Material, Online Test Series
Teachers NameNeeds to Update.
Past ResultNeeds to Update.
Student Ratings 4.2 out of 5.

Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Google directions to the Guwahati Bhadra IAS Coaching.
The fourth best IAS coaching centre in Guwahati is

LakshyaforIAS Coaching in Guwahati

LakshyaforIAS UPSC Coaching in Guwahati
AddressH.No. 18, R.G. Barua Rd, Bhaskar Nagar, Near Ivory Enclave, Guwahati, Assam 781021
Contact Number09085601887
LakshyaforIAS Fee structureCoaching did not Share Fee Structure Information.
Batch Strength50 Students
IAS NotesLakshyaforIAS Study Material, Online Test Series
UPSC FacultyCoaching did not Share Faculty Information.
Past Year ResultCoaching did not Share Past Year Result Information.
Student Ratings 4.9 out of 5 ( 50 Google Reviews)

LakshyaforIAS (Institute for Administrative Services) is an effort by LakshyaforIAS to help Civil Service aspirants who can’t reach out to famous and expert teachers in their chosen field learn new ways to study and learn.

It is a good thing that India has taken the effort to help Civil Service candidates all over India get good training from well-known professors and experts. It comes with good study materials, frequent testing, personal feedback, and guidance.

In terms of success, this school did about as well as average in the years before. But it really tries to do the best it can. On the list of the best IAS coaching in Guwahati, LakshyaforIAS Coaching is number four.

Contact Details

The fifth best IAS coaching centre in Guwahati, Assam, is
Rank 5: IAS Coaching for All in Assam.

Unified IAS Academy, Guwahati

Unified IAS Coaching in Guwahati, Assam is one of the UPSC Coaching Centres that offers the best IAS coaching in the city of Guwahati, which is in the state of Assam. There are a lot of smart, talented kids in Assam and the rest of the North East. Since years, this IAS Institute has been training people who want to work in the civil service.

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The Assam Institute offered many different IAS courses, such as CSAT + IAS Prelims + IAS Mains and IAS Integrated Course.The IAS Institute in Guwahati uses the IAS Customised Test Series and the Unique Learning Method to get the best results from its IAS Coaching Centre.

Best Classes in Guwahati to Prepare for the IAS Exam

Specialisation: This IAS Coaching Centre in Guwhati has a good success rate in India’s UPSC CSE Exam. Students who have taken IAS courses at Unified IAS in Guwahati have rated it as the best UPSC coaching in Guwahati.
In terms of success, this school did about as well as average in the years before. But the Institute does try to do its best. On the list of the best IAS coaching in Guwahati, Unified IAS Guwahati is number five.

Contact Details:-

Unified IAS Coaching in Guwahati
AddressUnit 2 Old APSC Building, GS Rd, Opposite Big Bazar, Bhangagarh, Guwahati, Assam 781005
Contact No.088223 84440
Fee structure Rs 64,000/-
Batch Size90
UPSC NotesUnified IAS Study Material, Online Test Series.
Teachers NameNeeds to Update.

Monday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Check out the next five best UPSC coaching centres in Guwahati.

Sixth on the list of the best IAS training centres in Guwahati is
Rank 6 Eklavya IAS Training in Guwahati.


The Ekalavya IAS Coaching Centre is a well-known place to study for the IAS exam in Guwahati. The Institute’s main goal is to give the IAS the right advice. To make sure that the IAS faculty at Ekalavya IAS Coaching are experienced and skilled. The Institute helps you prepare for the IAS mains exam, the IAS preliminary exam, and the IAS interview exam.

The Ekalavya IAS Coaching Centre in Guwahati has some of the following:
This IAS Institute in Guwahati says it can help you reach your goal of becoming an IAS officer.
Batches are available on the weekends and during the week.

Most of the time spent studying for the IAS exam was spent on general studies. Because of this, the Institute put a lot of weight on the GS section of the IAS exam.
The Institute also gives Degree with IAS Coaching in Guwahati.

The Ekalavya IAS in Guwahati has IAS courses.
Regular IAS evening batches last for two years.
The length of the regular morning IAS batch is one year.
Three years for a degree and IAS training.

Contact Details

EKALAVYA IAS Coaching in Guwahati
AddressRadhika Bhawan, 5th, GS Rd, Ganeshguri, Guwahati, Assam 781006
Contact No.070112 35059, 7002934139
Ekalavya IAS Guwahati Fee structure Rs 94,000/-
Batch Size50
UPSC Notes  EKALAVYA IAS  Study Material, Online Test Series
Teachers NameNeeds to Update.
Past Result Needs to update.
Student Ratings 4.8 out of 5 is a website for coaching.
Assam’s best IAS training.
The seventh-best IAS coaching centre in Guwahati is
Place 7: Chahal IAS Coaching Institute in Guwahati

Chahal IAS Academy Guwahati

Chahal Academy IAS Coaching in Guwahati
AddressGATE NO 1, Maligaon Gate no 2 Hill side Colony NCA SQUARE THIRD FLOOR, Maligaon, Guwahati, Assam Pincode:-  781011.
Phone Number095109 11676
Chahal IAS Guwahati Fee structure Rs 98,000/-  For  IAS Prelims + IAS Mains preparation. For Optional IAS Coaching  fees will Be Different.
Batch Size60
UPSC NotesChahal  IAS Study Material, Online IAS Mock Test Series
Teachers NameNeeds To be Updated.
Past Result Needs To Be Updated.
Student Ratings 4.8 out of 5

Chahal IAS Coaching Centre in Guwahati is also the best place to prepare for the Civil Services Exam. This IAS Coaching centre in Guwahati offers a number of UPSC courses. Chahal IAS Coaching Centre Believes in The Right Approach, Top Throat Neck Competitive IAS Strategies to Help IAS Aspirants Prepare for India’s Toughest Exam IAS.

The Chahal IAS Coaching Centre in Guwahati has the following
The top IAS professors at the Chahal IAS Institute in Guwahati can help UPSC candidates pass the IAS exam.

The Chahal IAS Coaching in Guwahati uses a method that has been learned.
From its Coaching Centre, this IAS Institute in Guwahati has helped a lot of people get into the IAS.

Performance: This IAS Exam Preparation Institute has the best IAS facilities in Guwahati, the best UPSC teachers, and a good infrastructure. Even the results of the IAS exam are getting better every year. The Chahal IAS Guwahati is the seventh best IAS training centre in Guwahati, Assam.
How to reach us: is a website for teaching.
Eighth on the list of the best IAS coaching centres in Guwahati is,
Rank 8: IAS Coaching in Guwahati: A Source of Inspiration.

INSPIRATION IAS Coaching in  Guwahati

Inspiration IAS Guwahati is one of the top 10 coaching centres for civil service exams in Guwahati. The Inspiration IAS Institute works closely with each student in the Inspiration IAS Guwahati IAS Classroom Courses to help them develop the kind of analytical thinking, intelligence, and morality that IAS candidates need. That’s how IAS aspirants at these IAS Institutes in Guwahati are prepared for the Civil Service Examination in the best way possible.

Who to call and how to get in:

INSPIRATION IAS  Coaching in Guwahati
AddressH/N -10 Pragati Path ,Zoo Road (Opp V Mart from Zoo Road Behind St. Xavier College from, Rajgarh Link Rd, Guwahati, Assam Pincode:- 781003.
Contact Number6913002070
INSPIRATION IAS Guwahati Fee structure Rs 70,000/-
Batch Size50
UPSC NotesINSPIRATION IAS Study Material, Online Test Series
IAS FacultiesNeeds To be Updated.
UPSC Past ResultNeeds To be Updated
Student Ratings 3.8 out of 5

The webpage for coaching is
Ninth on the list of the best IAS coaching centres in Guwahati is

People often ask about the best IAS coaching in Guwahati.

  1. How is it for IAS Coaching in Guwahati?
    It is a good place to study for the IAS exam in Guwahati. Guwahati has everything you need, like the best IAS coaching centres and IAS notes.
  2. Is Delhi a better place to study for the IAS than Guwahati?
    Now, IAS exam preparation in Guwahati is just as good as it is in Delhi, so Guwahati is just as good. If you live in Guwahati, you should take IAS coaching there so you can save money on living and food costs.
  3. Why Plutus IAS Coaching in Guwahati is the Best for Civil Services Exam?
    Plutus IAS Coaching gives entry to the best IAS schools in India. The institute has been around for 25 years and has helped more than 2,837 people get into IAS.
  4. Is One Year Enough to Prepare for the IAS?
    Yes!! The key to making sure you pass the IAS exam is to have the right guidance, be fully committed, and stay the same.
  5. Which IAS Coaching in Guwahati is the Best?
    Ans: We’ve already told you everything you need to know about the best IAS coaching in Guwahati. For your reference, these are the best IAS institutes in Guwahati.
    IAS Coaching by Plutus in Guwahati.
    Chanakya IAS Coaching in Guwahati.
    Bhadra IAS Academy Guwahati.
    IAS Coaching by Borthakur in Guwahati.
    Guwahati’s Unified IAS Academy.
    Chahal IAS Institute in Guwahati.
    INSPIRATION IAS Coaching in  Guwahati.
  6. How much does IAS Coaching in Guwahati, Assam, cost all together?
    Ans: Different IAS Coaching Centres in Guwahati have different fee structures. Coaching centres offer many different kinds of IAS courses, such as GS Prelims + Mains + CSAT, Only CSAT, IAS GS Prelims and Mains, IAS Optional Coaching, and Degree with IAS Coaching. This is why we ask you to look at the above table and the websites of the IAS coaching centres in Guwahati listed above to find out exactly how much they cost.
  7. Why is the Plutus Guwahati the number one IAS coaching centre in Guwahati?
    In the last few years, Plutus IAS Guwahati has been doing very well. From Guwahati, Assam, Plutus IAS Guwahati Institute has made a good number of IAS officers in the past. If you look at the top students on the IAS exam, you’ll notice that a lot of them went to the Plutus IAS Institute. The Coaching Centre also has locations all over India, not just in Guwahati. The Institute has the best IAS teachers in India, the best UPSC notes, and the top IAS teachers.All of these things make Plutus IAS Coaching Centre in Guwahati the BEST place to study for the IAS Exam.
  8. How far away am I from IAS Coaching in Guwahati?
    You can use the Google Maps app to find the IAS Coaching Centre in Guwahati that is close to you. We think that you should only choose the best IAS coaching centres. Because only serious and top IAS coaching centres can give you the best IAS training you need to pass India’s hardest exam, the IAS exam. We have already given you information about the top IAS coaching institute in Guwahati, including its fees, location, phone number, address, and Google Maps directions. Choose one to get ready for the IAS in Guwahati.
  9. Does Guwahati offer any free IAS coaching?
    There are a few IAS coaching programmes that are free, but they are not all free. These IAS Institutes in Guwahati say they are free, but there are some rules you need to follow. Pragnya IAS Guwahati, Chanakya IAS Coaching in Guwahati, SLAC Institute for IAS Preparation, and others offer free IAS coaching.
  10. How to Pick the Best UPSC Coaching in Guwahati?
    You can choose the best IAS coaching centre for yourself based on different factors, such as the IAS faculties, the IAS notes, the infrastructure of the IAS institute, the IAS coaching fees, and the PAST YEAR UPSC CSE Result. We took all of these factors into account when making this list of the best IAS coaching in Guwahati. Take 1 or 2 demo classes before you choose any IAS coaching in Guwahati.
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Ever aspired to become an IAS officer?  And Has the dream of reaching the position of a successful IAS not let you sleep? If yes, then this list of Best IAS Coaching in Guwahati is for you. 

It talks about the best IAS coaching in Guwahati. Not only that, but we will also help you with their detailed information. This list of the top 5 IAS Coaching Institutes in Guwahati can become a medium in fulfilling your dream.

The idea of clearing the IAS exam may seem fascinating, however, it may not be easy. As they say, good things don’t come that easily, especially when you are competing with almost 9 lakh applicants. 

Tough but not impossible:

Though it is not completely impossible, with just some key pointers in mind, you will be able to crack the code. All you need to put in some hard work and choose the right institute that will cater to your hard work. 

Choosing the right institute for your UPSC preparation is extremely important. Most IAS Coaching Institutes follow the same curriculum. However, the style of teaching may differ from institute to institute in the same way students have different learning patterns. 

PRO TIP: Take trial classes before you finalize your IAS/UPSC coaching institution

Here is the list of the Best IAS Coaching in Guwahati that we may suggest. This list is prepared after thorough research and the Civil Service candidate’s feedback. 

First Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Guwahati 2023 is

9. ALS IAS Academy 

ALS is one of the top-ranked coaching institutes in Guwahati and has over 2837 success stories. It is one of India’s premier institutes and runs with the sole aim to enable students to become successful civil servants. 

ALS has a presence in India and their teaching methods have made them a pioneer amongst all the IAS coaching in India. It currently holds a very good market share and every month their student size is increasing. However, they have managed to keep the batches small. It provides students a comfort zone and allows them to express themselves. 

ALS IAS Coaching- Salient Features 

  • It has delivered thrice AIR-1 in the IAS exam.
  • It provides weekend classes for working professionals and the students who can not join the regular classes. 
  • Conduct workshops, seminars, and lectures by former IAS 
  • Provide ALS IAS Study Material, Online Test Series

ALS IAS Academy Guwahati

Second Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Guwahati 2023 is

10. Chanakya IAS Academy

Chanakya IAS Academy is one of the leading names in the industry of education for civil services exam preparation in India. The academy has worked relentlessly to bring out the best in every UPSC aspirant in their institute.

Their study materials, online test series, and mock interviews are updated with respect to the new IAS syllabus. They have a Multilingual study pattern which makes them a unique proposition for all. 

Chanakya Coaching- Salient Features 

  • Teachers in both English and Hindi languages.
  • Provides correspondence courses.
  • They provide mock interviews too
  • Chanakya IAS Study Material, Online Test Series is also available.

Chanakya IAS Academy Guwahati

Third Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Guwahati 2023 is

11. Bhadra IAS Academy

Bhadra IAS Academy, another institution that works effortlessly to bring out the best in each IAS student of theirs. They believe in technology as well as in conservative methods. They try to give new exposure to every student who joins them.

They have a well-qualified faculty that helps guide civil service aspirants. They have successfully produced many Civil servants. They have also proved it with their results. This is a go-to place for all IAS aspirants. 

Bhadra IAS Academy- Salient Features

  • Video classes are available
  • UPSC & APSC classes available
  • Bhadra IAS Study Material, Online Test Series 
  • Batch size – 50
  • Classes available from Monday- Saturday, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Bhadra IAS Academy Guwahati

Fourth Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Guwahati 2023 is

12. Unified IAS Academy

This is one of the Best Civil Services Exam preparation Coaching Institute in North east India for UPSC Civil Service.

Unified IAS Academy as the name suggests has brought together several IAS toppers through their excellent methods of teaching and great faculty. Since its inception in 2004, the institution has always catered to the needs of the students.

They are in constant effort to provide the student with a conceptual clarity that enables them to succeed in this process. This makes them very unique in approach and helps them to produce results in exams. They believe in the comprehensive preparation of competitive exams.

Unified IAS Academy- Salient Features

  • UPSC and APSC courses available
  • Various IAS courses available- CSAT + IAS Prelims + IAS Mains, IAS Integrated Course.
  • They provide a brilliantly designed test series and study material.
  • Mozart Magazine is available in monthly and yearly editions.

Unified IAS Academy Guwahati

Fifth Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Guwahati 2023 is

13. Chahal IAS Academy, Guwahati

Chahal Academy is one of the renowned names in UPSC coaching in Guwahati. The academy has a dedicated, well qualified and intellectual faculty team. They have unmatched teaching methods that help a student to excel in their skills. These skills help students to achieve their dream of becoming a successful civil servant.

They believe in providing quality education to their students. They arrange UPSC prelims free test series and also provide weekend batches to give utmost focus on each student for the UPSC exam. 

Chahal Academy Salient Features

  • Special sessions are taken by toppers & serving officers.
  • Courses offered UPSC, GPSC, IAS, IPS
  • Free Prelims and Mains test series
  • Monthly magazines with current affairs available
  • Weekend batches available
  • Latest study material as per the current trends
  • Online Classes available
  • Give real-life interview environment as well

Chahal IAS Academy Guwahati



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Shall I start preparing after +2 for better results in the IAS exam?

Answer: The answer to this question is very easy. The earlier you start the more likely to become successful. However, we would advise you to start the preparation depending on your comfort zone. 

Ideally, preparation in 2nd year or after graduation is a general trend. Also, make a habit of answering writing which is recommended by the Most of IAS Toppers. It is required as an ideal writing speed in GS papers.

Q2. What is the Salary of an IAS Officer?

Answer: IAS is all about helping the society and up-lifting it one notch higher.

However, the basic monthly salary of an IAS starts with ₹ 56000. It can go up to ₹ 2.5 lakhs if you secure a position as a Cabinet Secretary. This is just a basic part of the salary. The other components such as HR, TA, DA, and PF make it a handsome pay.

Q3. Can I start preparing for the IAS after 30 years of age?

Answer: Yes, you can, however, there is an upper age limit like any other examination.
Age limit differs as per category:
For General candidate – Up to 32 Years or 6 attempts
For OBC candidate- Up to 35 Years & 9 attempts
For SC/ST candidate- Up to 37 Years & no attempt caping till the age limit