Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Marksheet, Notes, Biography

Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Topper
Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Topper

Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Biography

Hello this is Vinayak Narwade, AIR 37 in CSE 2020. I’m planning to use this channel as a medium yo interact and provide guidance for CSE preparation.

Soon enough I’ll be sharing strategy for Prelims, Mains and Personality test.

I’ll also focus on Maths optional strategy as well as try to dwell into detail about Ethics preparation.

To those who are attending prelims in October- it’s only a few days remaining. Please stay positive and keep faith in your preparation. All is going to be well.

Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Marksheet

Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Marksheet
Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Marksheet | Peek at my marksheet

Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Biography

My analysis –
Scores could have been better in Essay and Maths. But overall I’m very happy

Last year in 2019 – I scored very low in GS2 (70/250) and GS3 (75/250). So this year I tried to balance my preparation and worked extensively on the two topics which gave me good results.

For GS 1 and GS 4, I’m very happy that my strategy has been working consistently for both my attempts and I’ll share it soon.

Personality test score made me happiest because I was expecting a good not an excellent score 😊

Please have some patience before I come with my booklist as well as scan my notes and post them here.

Cheers until then!

How to choose an optional for UPSC CSE by Narwade Vinayak Karbhari IAS?

Remember in this preparation optional is going to be your best friend. When you are happy, you should be able to do your optional and when you are sad, it should be the optional that should make you happy.

I chose Maths because I knew I had the capability of sitting down for 8-10 hours every day just doing Maths. That should be your comfort level. A lot of students ask me why Mathematics after Masters in Mechanical Engineering. This is because during my master’s I was specialising and had lost touch of core mechanical subjects like SOM, TOM, Machine Design etc. But I was much more comfortable with the mathematics syllabus and hence went with that.

Usually every serious candidate is within a +/- 10 marks range for GS 1,2,3. So the remaining 1275 marks – Essay, OPTIONAL, GS 4 and personality test would decide where you stand in the final list. So please give a lot of thought while choosing your optional. This year Anthropology, and technical optionals like Maths, ME, Electrical Engineering etc have given a lot of top rankers. But I would repeat your comfort matters the most.

Motivation by Narwade Vinayak Karbhari IAS

To all the aspirants always remember


It’s your hardwork and dedication which will matter the most

Hello everyone. Please don’t send personal messages. It’s not possible for me to reply individually. That’s why I created this channel so that I can reach out to max people.

My plans for the future

  1. Prelims preparation strategy video
  2. Mains booklist and preparation strategy subject wise.
  3. Optional booklist and preparation strategy
  4. One video on answer writing

I’ll keep updating the list. Please have patience as I will need 5-10 days as I have some events to attend.

Till then don’t spam. Message only important things so that I can actually see them.

All the best!

Skills tto Clear UPSC Civil Services Exam by Narwade Vinayak Karbhari

A suggestion by one of my mentors to put out my strength and weaknesses so that aspirants can customize their strategy from numerous toppers experiences.

So here we go.


  1. Good analytical skills – hence maths optional
  2. Decent writer before started writing answers
  3. Ability both mental and physical to sit down for 14-15 hours per day for my studies
  4. Good command on language
  5. Time management – hence maths optional again
  6. Financial stability – so didn’t worry much on that front


  1. Bad at mugging up – but willing to change it by multiple revisions
  2. Initially was mono dimensional – wrote a lot on same point rather than diversifying points

Will keep updating this list too.

Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Marksheet

Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Marksheet
Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Marksheet

To all people out there. This is my marksheet of CSE 2019. I regathered myself after the mains examination and prepared with double effort. Look at Maths and GS 2 and GS 3 scores. I knew it right after the exam and didn’t wait for the mains result. So practice and effort is going to tell you a long way.

Everyone, now that I have advised all I could for the Prelims 2021 in the video which I uploaded on October 1st, I now start to upload notes and shift to sharing strategies for MAINS. This will be a gradual process and I’ll start with uploading notes of new things that pop up in the mains syllabus. Please have patience. Once done with the notes, I’ll share videos on answer writing and subject wise strategy.

UPSC Prelims Preparation Strategy by Narwade Vinayak Karbhari

All the best for tomorrow.

Some advices compiled by a fellow topper. I find it extremely relevant to post it here and now.

  1. Whatever you could have studied, you have. At this point of time, have no regrets about number of revisions missed or number of tests remained unsolved. So don’t worry about it.
  2. Have COMPLETE faith in yourself. You have worked hard for this since last year, or more than that. Believe in your preparation. Tell yourself that you trust yourself completely.
  3. Imagine the examination hall vividly. Imagine every possible negative event – bad bench, teachers talking, seat near entry etc; and tell yourself you wont be affected by all these and you will focus only on the paper.
  4. Imagine how you want your mind to be at time of solving paper – calm and curious; these two attributes will help get the best out of you.
  5. Play the game ball by ball. One ball at a time. If a ball is bouncer, duck it. Dont be afraid of next balls because of one bouncer. Even if you cant solve 10 questions at a time, tell yourself you have 90 more of them.
  6. Dont celebrate too early. Dont be happy if you solve more than 40 questions in first iteration. Complacency is extremely dangerous in the exam hall. It can destroy your performance. Be very focused and composed till very end of exam.
  7. No matter a question may seem easiest and obvious, READ all options. Always.
  8. There is another one: treat the day as just another day. Treating the day as D day etc. builds pressure and anxiety. While treating the day as just another day in your life naturally builds comfort.
  9. Final one. When you have taken your seat, and while the paper is yet to be distributed, take some deep breaths for 2-3 minutes. It will be calming.

10th Oct is just another day. And UPSC CSE is just another exam.

Interview Preparation Strategy by Narwade Vinayak Karbhari

Indian Forest Service interviews start tomorrow. Having scored 2nd highest marks in CSE PT 2020, I’m getting a few requests on guidance for the same. To all those appearing for the IFOS PT here are my 2 cents on interview.

Please try to answer the question in first sentence itself. This will avoid beating around the bush.

Take a pause after the question is asked and prioritise points to be told first.

Your biodata based questions need to be answered in the most personal way. Try to include your experiences rather than giving a general answer.

Opinion based questions.
I found my strategy of giving the opinion first and then supporting it with valid arguments really useful rather than the other way around.

There may be a person to grill you. Always maintain a smile on the face even if you say don’t know. Pressure situations are a way to judge your personality.

Finally. DO NOT BLUFF. Remember their experience is more than your age. If you bluff once they will give you one more chance to bluff. And if you do it twice it shows lack of integrity. Confidently say don’t know to questions you don’t know. And say not sure to questions you think you may know the answer but not guaranteed.

You will be tested on the questions you answer not the questions you don’t answer.

When you enter the campus take a look and tell yourself you are here because you deserve it. And you’ll also clear because you deserve it.
Happy interviewing.

Vinayak Narwade
AIR 37, CSE 2020

LBSNAA Mail to Narwade Vinayak Karbhari

LBSNAA MAIL TO Narwade Vinayak Karbhari
LBSNAA MAIL TO Narwade Vinayak Karbhari | Posting it a little late here. But consider it as a source of motivation for you all. This is something you all are currently dreaming about. And if I could achieve it you all can too. Keep up the hard work going and ensure this is your destiny.
If you want something go get it. Period. (Pursuit of HappYness)

Test series joined by Narwade Vinayak Karbhari

Lot of questions about test series. Here is what I referred to.

Prelims – Do not subscribe but purchase from xerox stores
Vision IAS

Mains – Do subscribe.
Vision IAS – used in 2019 attempt. Straightforward questions. Exaggerated marks. So didn’t like it.

Forum IAS – used in 2020 attempt. good quality questions. Good checking. I’ll recommend them.

Maths optional –
I joined IMS. But any test series is fine as long as you are solving papers within 3 hours. And have solved at least 8 papers before Mains.

Diwali wishes to students by Narwade Vinayak Karbhari

Diwali wishes to students by Narwade Vinayak Karbhari
Diwali wishes to students by Narwade Vinayak Karbhari | Happy Diwali people. Hope you celebrate the next one as an officer. Make it a point to enjoy a safe and green Diwali.
Last year I remember, I celebrated for a couple of hours and studied Maths 😅 after that. So make max use of this time if you are attempting mains. Do not put guards down.
For those writing next year or years after that, make sure to spend time with your family and get out of prep mode for a day or two.

Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Marksheet

Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Marksheet
Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Marksheet

I got many messages today to share my IFoS marksheet even though I hadn’t attempted the interview round.

This year because of COVID, it was an aberration to conduct IFOS interviews post CSE interviews. As I had already secured AIR 37 and knew I was getting into IAS, I decided not to attempt the IFOS interview and waste a seat because there is no reserve list for the same.

Those preparing for the IFOS Exam I’ll try to share some pointers once I find some time.

IFos Preparation Strategy by Narwade Vinayak Karbhari

My strategy at IFoS –

I started studying forestry after CSE Mains. I referred to only one source – Manikandan and Prabhu book. Revised it 6-7 times.

For maths, I just revised whatever I had done for CSE Mains.

English – practised a few essays, letters, report writing as well as went to some grammar from one book – Wren and Martin.

GK – Did not pay much heed to S&T portion as very basic and fundamental things were asked. Apart from that, revised History, polity, and geography. That was all.

Shelter Home visit of Narwade Vinayak Karbhari

Shelter Home visit by Narwade Vinayak Karbhari
Shelter Home visit by Narwade Vinayak Karbhari | Paid a visit to Savalee shelter home today on occasion of children’s day. My appeal to fellow aspirants, whenever you feel low try to visit an organisation in your neighbourhood which works for underprivileged. You’ll understand how much you can do for the society and why the services need you. It will not only get you out of depression but also motivate and tell you how privileged we are and how petty our problems are.

Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Marksheet

Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Marksheet
Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Marksheet | Finally the CS Prelims marks for those who also cleared IFoS cutoff are out. According to various answer keys, I was getting around 128 marks. As per UPSC it is 122.45. There has been a lot of fuss about some questions being nullified and others being differently answered by UPSC and coaching classes, I would say we always have to keep a buffer of +-5 marks.
Some tips-
Remember this time in 2020 attempt, I had qualified for both CSE and IFOS mains. There was a jump of 20 marks from CSP 2019 (102 marks)
Things that changed –
Mock tests – wrote around 70 as compared to 45 in 2019
Revisions – more in number and crisper
Note making – was better this time around for some subjects like History where I had reduced the amount to be revised.
Confidence – Having cleared prelims in first attempt and completed some remaining topics like medieval history as well as the number of mock tests put me in a highly confident position.

Narwade Vinayak Karbhari UPSC Topper name in Service Allocation list

Service Allocation list to Narwade Vinayak Karbhari
Service Allocation list to Narwade Vinayak Karbhari | The moment all of you are waiting for in your lives has arrived for me. It’s officially Vinayak Narwade, IAS.
The only give away today is
Arise, Awake and stop not until the goal is reached.

Last Minute Strategy for Mains by Narwade Vinayak Karbhari

As you depart for Mains –

  1. You need to be confident. You have prepared for this moment for a great amount of time and this will show in your answer copies
  2. Meditate – to calm down your nerves. This meditation involves spending time with yourself and telling yourself that all is well.
  3. Eat healthy – it’s a 10 day long exam. Make sure you do not have health issues because of food poisoning or eating oily
  4. Revise volatile stuff – ex. Articles of GS 2, data for GS 3. Don’t read entire topics because you’ll restrict yourself to only what you have read the previous day rather than knowledge garnered through the entire year.
  5. Glucon D – keep it handy. It’ll be energy booster in the exam.
  6. Attempting questions – I used to write 15 markers and case studies before so that I don’t compromise on them in the last minutes given the larger weightage.
  7. Make sure you write everything- every single mark counts
  8. Try to make answers presentable through diagrams, maps, flow charts.
  9. Take rest – min 6-7 hours of sleep is a must for you to recollect stuff in the exam.
  10. Do not discuss papers – it’s futile and confidence reducing.
  11. Stay safe from COVID – you’ll be in metro cities and hence ensure that covid is not a spoilsport for you in the exam.

All the best to everyone. Hope all your dreams come true.

Vinayak Narwade, IAS
AIR 37, CSE 2020

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