Satyam Gandhi UPSC Marksheet, Age, Instagram I’d, Notes

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Satyam Gandhi UPSC Topper

Satyam Gandhi UPSC Biography

Hello everyone.
Myself Satyam Gandhi, AIR 10 UPSC CSE 2020.
I will be sharing my strategy, answer copies, notes, tips and tricks for the next few weeks. I will also conduct few live doubt clearance sessions for aspirants.
All the best to everyone.
Jai Hind!

Satyam Gandhi UPSC TOPPER Booklist for Prelims

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book

Satyam Gandhi UPSC Topper Booklist

Complete booklist that I followed for UPSC :-

Polity :- M Laxmikanth

Ancient history:- Old NCERT RS Sharma + Coaching notes

Art and Culture:- NCERT Introduction to fine arts, coaching notes

Medieval history:- Old NCERT Satish Chandra(high return on investment)

Modern history :- Spectrum

Geography:- NCERT Class 11, 12 + Vajiram and Ravi Indian geography yellow book, GC Leong part 1, coaching notes

Environment:- Shankar IAS book

Economics:- NCERT macroeconomics selectively + Sri Ram IAS economics book, coaching notes

Science and technology :- Vajiram and Ravi yellow book of Science and Technology, Research on Internet

Map:- Indian Geography through maps by kbc nano publication(very selectively)

Current affairs :- Newspapers+ Vision IAS monthly magazine + pt365 Vision +insights current affairs compilation + mock solutions

Points to keep in mind:-

  1. No notes making from newspapers and standard books for prelims.
  2. Revise standard books 10-15 times before your pre.
  3. Make prelims facebook for those topics which are hard to memorise- like Art and Culture.
  4. Solve as many mocks as you can. I solved 100-120 mocks. Revise their solutions at least 4 times.
  5. Don’t ignore science and technology and CSAT.
  6. You can buy the above mentioned coaching material from market if it is available.
  7. Consistency is the key.
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All the best.

Satyam Gandhi UPSC Marksheet

Satyam Gandhi UPSC Marksheet
Prelims marksheet.

Satyam Gandhi UPSC Marksheet

Satyam Gandhi UPSC Marksheet

Mains marksheet.

Coaching institute joined by Satyam Gandhi UPSC Topper

Many aspirants are asking if I had joined any coaching for CSE preparation.

GS Coaching:- Vajiram and Ravi May 2019 Batch.

PSIR optional:- I didn’t join any classroom coaching. After clearing prelims, I joined Shubhra Ranjan crash course for PSIR.

GS, Essay test series :- Vision IAS

Ethics test series :- Lukman IAS

Satyam Gandhi UPSC DAF
Some important sections of my DAF.
Satyam Gandhi UPSC DAF
Satyam Gandhi UPSC DAF

UPSC Mains Booklist by Satyam Gandhi UPSC Topper

Comprehensive sources for Mains preparation

GS 1 :-

SOCIETY :- Vajiram and Ravi yellow book on social issues + Rushikesh reddy notes (read selectively) + class notes

WORLD HISTORY :- Nitin Sangwan notes

POST INDEPENDENCE:- Nitin Sangwan notes

MODERN INDIAN HISTORY:- Spectrum+class notes

ART AND CULTURE:- NCERT Introduction to fine arts + Jain sir class notes of Vajiram and Ravi

WORLD PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY:- NCERT 11,12+ GC Leong selectively + class notes

INDIAN GEOGRAPHY:- NCERT+ Vajiram yellow book of Indian geography + class notes

GS 2:-

INDIAN POLITY :- Laxmikanth + Anudeep durishetyy notes of GS2 + Vision current affairs+newspapers + class notes

GOVERNANCE :- Vajiram and Ravi yellow book on governance (selectively) + Rushikesh reddy notes selectively + NITI aayog 3 year action agenda + NITI aayog India @75 action plan

IR :- Only follow monthly magazines and newspaper articles + class notes

Two reports of Niti aayog are most important here.

GS 3:-

ECONOMICS:- Vision Value added material for each topic mentioned in the syllabus. + 2 reports of Niti aayog as mentioned earlier + current magazines + class notes

S&T :- Internet + magazines + class notes + Vajiram and Ravi yellow book on science and technology selectively

DISASTER MANAGEMENT:- Vision material for disaster management

ENVIRONMENT:- Shankar IAS book

INTERNAL SECURITY:- Vision value added material on internal security+ Vajiram and ravi yellow book on internal security+ Current affairs


Vision value added material + test series material of Lukmaan IAS

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Points to keep in mind:-

  • Make comprehensive notes on every section and topics of mains syllabus except Modern history, polity, environment, world history and post independence. These topics can be done by reading standard books only.
  • Divide these sections into monthly/weekly/daily targets and then make notes on them according to the targets.
  • Start writing answers only when you are done with your notes of that particular section.
  • Compile notes in a short, compact and concise manner from the above sources. Use a lot of diagrams and flowcharts in your notes.
  • I will upload my sample notes very soon.
  • Solve Previous Year Questions of mains after clearing the prelims.
  • Niti Aayog Reports are most important for GS2,3
  • For scattered topics :- Do from internet/vision value added material
  • Supplement notes of every topic with newspapers and current affair magazines

Motivational Post by Satyam Gandhi UPSC Topper

A sincere request to every person reading this post! 🙏🏻
Please share it as much as you can! 🙏🏻

Coaching institute joined by Satyam Gandhi UPSC Topper

A lot of confusion is there with regards to coaching institutes i had joined during my preparation.
Lets make it clear.

GS Classroom coaching:- Vajiram and Ravi

PSIR Optional :- No classroom coaching, only crash course at Shubhra Ranjan IAS

GS Mains test series:- Vision IAS
Essay test series:- Vision IAS
Ethics test series:- Lukman IAS

Only Interview Guidance Programme:-

  • Vajirao and Reddy (not much useful; Okayish)
  • Unacademy (Panel was argumentative unlike real personality test ,but valuable feedback)
  • Drishti IAS (Cordial panel and Valuable feedback)
  • Insights On India by Vinay sir ( Extremely Helpful)
  • KSG ( Very Helpful, particularly the questionnaire that they provide based on DAF)
  • Chanakya Mandal ( Didn’t find helpful, probably due to online mode)
  • Baliyan IAS ( Didn’t find helpful)
  • Classic Academy ( Not much helpful)
  • Shankar IAS academy ( Helpful)
  • ALS (Helpful)

Now a days you might be seeing toppers photos including mine being published by every coaching institute mentioned above. The reason is that even if you enrol for interview guidance programme, they have the right(unfortunately) to publish your photo in their advertisement.
No coaching institute can guarantee 300 or 400 selections, particularly those which focus only on Interview Guidance Programme to increase their ‘tally’ of selection.
Thank you.

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PSIR Optional Booklist by Satyam Gandhi UPSC Topper



  • Political Theory by OP Gauba.
  • Shubhra Ranjan notes for western political thought.
  • History of political thought: from Plato to Marx by S. Mukherjee( Value addition for thinkers mentioned in syllabus; can be skipped if you don’t have time)
  • Modern Indian Political Thought by Bidyut Chakarbarty( primary source for Indian political thought- read selectively for thinkers mentioned in syllabus).
  • Ancient Indian Political thought by VR Mehta (only for value addition;skip if you don’t have time)
  • Shubhra Ranjan IAS crash course notes and model answers( immensely beneficial. She is very good in static portion).
  • Supplemented it with toppers notes of Tushar gupta.


  • Shubhra Ranjan Notes (primary material)
  • M Laxmikanth Indian polity
  • Shubhra Ranjan IAS crash course and model answers
  • Tushar gupta notes
  • Value addition:- Newspapers


  • Global Politics by Andrew Heywood ( primary material for static topics, used extensively).
  • Shubhra Ranjan institute notes.
  • Globalisation of World Politics by Baylis and Smith for selected topics( selective reading of IR theories).
  • Tushar gupta notes( for value addition; contains some very unique points).
  • SR Crash course notes and model answers( Model answers were useful)
  • Foreign policy magazine and indian express for dynamic portion + extensive use of google to read articles.


  • Only IAS material ( primary source, make very short notes in organised format ).
  • Oxford handbook of Indian foreign policy by Malone, CRaja mohan ( used it selectively for topics mentioned in syllabus/ significant issues).
  • Current affairs for value addition:- Indian express and The Hindu were my primary source. Rest i used google to read articles from various websites including ORF.
  • Tushar gupta notes( very beneficial)
  • Shubhra Ranjan Crash Course model answers were useful.


  • Don’t get bogged down after seeing such an extensive booklist.
  • You don’t have to read any book/source cover to cover. Just read selectively for topics mentioned in the syllabus.
  • I will be uploading a video regarding PSIR strategy very soon.