Divya Tanwar IPS Biography, Caste, Official Instagram, Marksheet, Cadre, Rank, Height, Wiki

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Divya Tanwar is a native of Haryana, Mahendragarh, and Nimbi.

Divya’s mother runs the home while preparing meals at school because her father passed away in 2011 after a violent attack. Divya passed the UPSC exam despite being from a small, remote village, and many are praising her for her outstanding achievement.

Notes read by Divya Tanwar

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Divya Tanwar IPS 2022
NameMiss Divya Tanwar
exam Year2021 UPSC Topper
Rank in CSEAIR 438 in UPSC 2021.
105th Rank in 2022.
Age [2023]24 in 2023
HobbyGhoomar Dance, Singing, talking, etc
Roll No.UPSC Roll Number 0854715
Total Attempt in CSE2
CommunityEWS Category
Optional SubjectHindi Literature Optional
Education MediumHindi Medium
Cadre allocationUnknown
Service AllocationIPS Cadre
Home town/cityMahendragarh, Haryana, India
12th PercentageUnknown
10th PercentageUnknown
GraduationB.Sc (PCM) Graduate
SchoolingJawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
CollegeGovt. PG College
UPSC Marks930 in 2021
Work-experienceTeaching Poor Students
Divya Tanwar IPS Biography

A extremely difficult nut to crack is UPSC. The applicants learn from seasoned individuals, who provide them with the greatest information to pass India’s most difficult exam. So that you may comprehend the hurdles that will arise on the road to success and how to overcome them in order to achieve your objective, here is the Divya Tanwar UPSC mark sheet. This post will inform you of the best preparation strategies for the UPSC IAS exam as well as the UPSC online coaching.

Do you wish to perform well on the most difficult and prestigious test? If this is the case, you should recognise this amazing UPSC candidate’s entire journey.

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Divya Tanwar IPS Biography

Divya Tanwar IPS Biography

By passing the UPSC test on her first attempt, she has made the district proud. Divya comes from an easy-going family and lives in the village of Nimbi. He was picked for Navodaya by the college itself after completing his primary education in the Manu faculty in the village of Nimbi.

The UPSC rank of Divya Tanwar is AIR-438. With the use of YouTube and the most popular publications, Divya is extensively searched online after earning this position in the UPSC at such a young age. Divya visited many institutions to conduct practise interviews while she prepared for the IAS exam.

Divya Tanwar IPS Booklist UPSC CSE

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Divya Tanwar IPS Booklist UPSC CSE

Divya Tanwar IPS Caste

Divya Tanwar IPS Caste

Divya Tanwar IPS Caste is Jatt.

In the beginning, Divya claimed she was used to studying for seven to eight hours, but as the prelims and mains drew nearer, she studied for eleven to twelve hours. Divya added that despite not receiving any UPSC coaching, she was able to pass this exam through independent study.

“Decide on a life goal and keep working towards it. Any youngster can achieve it with the devotion I have shown, she added. “Problems will arise along the way, but we must be patient and keep working hard.

Divya Tanwar IPS Official Instagram

Divya Tanwar IPS Official Instagram

Divya Tanwar IPS have no Official Instagram account.

Additionally, after completing the 12th grade exam at Navodaya Vidyalaya, Divya completed her Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics at Government Women’s School and simultaneously began preparing for the UPSC exam. There is a younger brother and sisters in Divya. She comes from a low-income family. Her younger siblings benefit from receiving free education as a result.

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Divya Tanwar IPS Marksheet

Divya Tanwar IPS Marksheet

The UPSC mark sheets of the top performers and successful UPSC candidates might you the most confidence and motivation if you are studying for the UPSC CSE test. You will learn the grades that the top students received so that you may plan appropriately. The greatest inspiration is right here for you.

View the impressive girl, Divya Tanwar,’s grade table by scrolling down. Obtain the top UPSC IAS online coaching for assistance and accurate study material if you want to succeed in your endeavours as well. In order to succeed in the UPSC civil services examination, let’s check it out and keep moving in the proper route. Below is a table with the data:

Total words written: 751

179 on the personality test

Total Marks: 930

Divya Tanwar IPS Cadre

Divya Tanwar IPS Cadre

Divya Tanwar IPS Cadre is Haryana.

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Divya Tanwar IPS Rank

Divya Tanwar IPS Rank

She has secured All India Rank (AIR) 438th rank in UPSC Civil Services Exam 2021.

She has secured All India Rank (AIR) 105th rank in UPSC Civil Services Exam 2022.

In contrast, Divya comes from a very impoverished family; in addition to her mother, she also has a sister in the family, and her father passed away in 2011 as a result of an illness. Then, along with Divya, his mother used to manage the family while working in various people’s homes and giving the kids tutoring.

Divya Tanwar IPS Height

Divya Tanwar IPS Height

Divya Tanwar IPS Height is 5′8” (168 Cm).

After finishing her primary education at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Divya Tanwar received her B.Sc. from the Government PG College in Mahendragarh. Following this, the Civil Services began studying for the exam. They passed the UPSC exam 2021 on their first try, earning them a 438 rank.

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Divya Tanwar IPS Wiki

Divya Tanwar IPS Wiki
Full NameMiss Divya Tanwar
Known AsDivyu
DOBYear 1996
Age27(As of 2023)
Birth PlaceNimbi, Mahendragarh, Haryana, India
ProfessionIAS Officer
ReligionHindu Religion
CasteJatt Community
Current LocationHaryana, India
Divya Tanwar IPS Wiki Biography

Divya’s father passed away in 2011, and she comes from a very low-income Rajput household.

One of India’s newest female IPS officers, Divya Tanwar, passed the UPSC exam in 2021 to become an IPS officer.

Divya, who hails from the Uttar Pradesh area of Mahendragarh, is well known on YouTube.

She was born in the northern Indian state of Haryana.
Tanwar is renowned for her outstanding efforts in women’s safety and community policing.
Several programmes to address crimes against women in Haryana were established with her help.
For her remarkable work in community policing and women’s safety, she received the renowned “Chief Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration” in 2019.

Tanwar has also received praise for her efforts to protect women’s safety during the COVID-19 shutdown.

She has taken a proactive role in raising awareness of the epidemic and providing aid to those in need during this trying time.
She has also contributed to the establishment of a “COVID-19 War Room” to plan the state’s pandemic response.
Tanwar is renowned for having fortitude and bravery in the face of peril.
She has become a role model for many young people in India thanks to her commitment to public service and her attempts to make society safer for women.

She reportedly earns between Rs. 70K and Rs. 90K in Indian rupees as compensation for her position in civil administration. In 2011, her farmer father passed away. Poor Rajput family member Divya Tanwar is well-known for her inspiring journey to becoming one of India’s newest IPS officers without any formal training. Her estimated net worth in April 2023 was between $30 and $50 lakhs, according to reports.

Additionally a teacher, Divya Tanwar has had extensive experience instructing kids. She has ties to several coaching organisations. Tanwar is a well-known member of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), a media personality, an educator, a social media sensation, and an online personality. After passing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) test without receiving any coaching from any institutions, she rose to fame.

Divya Tanwar is a social media sensation and well-known online personality in addition to her administrative work. On websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, she has a sizable fan base. She expresses her views, ideas, and opinions on numerous matters via her social media platforms. Her blog postings frequently inspire and inspire others.

The status of her marriage and her connection with her husband is not properly known. As of April 2023, she is single, according to the sources. Additionally, she withholds all details on her present relationship status and boyfriend. She might be single. We’ll have more information soon on her specific family.