Veditha Reddy IAS Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband Name, Posting, Date of Birth

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Veditha Reddy IAS Biography

The UPSC Civil Services has appointed Veditha as an IAS officer. She is the daughter of YSRCP Srikakulam District President Reddy Shanthi Kumari. The UPSC Civil Services 2014 test, which was held on July 4, 2015, ranked Veditha Reddy 71st.
Let’s keep reading the piece to learn more about Veditha Reddy’s life and career as an IAS.

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Veditha Reddy UPSC Biography
NameVeditha Reddy
All India Rank71th Rank
Roll Number063806
Optional SubjectAnthropology
Hometown/CityAndhra Pradesh

Veditha Reddy IAS Biography

Veditha Reddy IAS wiki

Veditha Reddy is 23 years old. She is the daughter of Reddy Shanthi Kumari and Reddy Nagabhushan Rao. Viditha Reddy ran for her mother in the 2014 Assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh.

Veditha went to primary and secondary school in Dharmanagar. For secondary and higher secondary school, she went to Delhi Sanskriti Vidhyalaya. Viditha went to a college in Noida to get her ECE in Engineering.

Veditha Reddy IAS family

Veditha Reddy IAS age

Veditha is the daughter of Reddy Shanthi Kumari, who is the president of the YSRCP in Srikakulam, and Reddy Nagabhusan Rao, who works for the Karnataka Forest Department. When her daughter Veditha Reddy was picked for the UPSC Civil Services Examination, her mother was very happy.
Veditha Reddy said that her mother Shanthi Kumari and her IFS officer father Reddy Nagabhushan Rao helped her do well.

Veditha said at the event that she wanted to work in social service, so she joined the IAS. She said that her parents also pushed her to reach her goal. She also told everyone who had helped her that she was thankful.

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Veditha Reddy IAS Educational Qualification

Veditha Reddy IAS Husband Name

Veditha went to elementary and middle school in Dharmanagar. For secondary and higher secondary school, she went to Delhi Sanskriti Vidhyalaya. Veditha Reddy is from the Srikakulam area and has a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Veditha Reddy, who is 23 years old, fought for her mother in the 2014 AP general elections. Her mother ran for the Srikakulam MP seat. Veditha said that the campaign made her think about what she could do to help people who were being treated unfairly and to follow the Civils’ way.
At Ambedkar University and Padmavathi Degree College in Narasannapeta, she took part in awareness camps.

Veditha Reddy IAS Optional

About 500 aspirants choose anthropology as an optional topic every year. Some of them have never studied it before. As with any other choice, there are pros and cons to choosing anthropology as an elective. In any case, you have to go through a list of things to do before you choose an extra.

Anthropology was an extra course that Veditha Reddy, who was studying engineering, chose to take. Even if they are taking other classes, students should pick topics that interest them if they want to get good grades.

Veditha Reddy IAS Rank

Veditha Reddy IAS Posting

After getting AIR-71 in the prestigious Civil Services Exams, Veditha Reddy, an engineer from Srikakulam, was on her way to becoming an IAS officer. After getting her Engineering degree, she was formally chosen on her first try.

Veditha Reddy IAS Current Posting

Veditha Reddy IAS Date of Birth

The Deputy Commissioner (HQ) of the Revenue Department, Smt. Veditha Reddy IAS (AGMUT 2015), has been moved to the A&N Administration.

IAS Veditha Reddy Strategy

Veditha Reddy, who has a degree in engineering in electronics and communications, said, “There is no substitute for hard work,” when asked what her secret to success is. “In order to reach his full potential, a civil aspirant must compete with himself.”

She also said that it doesn’t matter how long a person studies each day. She said that her father, an IFS officer named Reddy Nagabhushan Rao, and her mother, the YSRCP Srikaku-lam district head, were the reasons for her success.

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Veditha Reddy IAS Interview and Optional Subject

She talked about her interview process, saying that the board asked her questions about the state’s split, land pooling, the farming crisis, farmer suicides, Naxalism in the state, and yoga, which she likes. As an engineer, she had to answer a number of questions about 3G and 4G networks, spectrum sales, and anthropology.

Veditha Reddy rallied for her mother, who was running for the Srikakulam MP seat in the 2014 general elections. Veditha said that the campaign made her think about what she could do to help people who were being treated unfairly and to follow the Civils’ way.
She told people who wanted to get into the Civil Service that the best way to stay inspired was to hang out with positive and optimistic people.

Veditha Reddy IAS Anthropology Preparation Strategy

Look closely at the UPSC anthropology course. This is the key to doing well on a test. You should also look at the test questions from the year before to see what the most important things are.

Separate the course requirements into parts so you can get through them quickly and effectively. Paper I is made up of two parts: social cultural anthropology and biological anthropology. Indian Society and Tribal India are the two parts of Paper II.
Focus on making sure your ideas are clear.
Try to link each story to the ones that came before it. All of the parts in this paper go together.

Veditha Reddy IAS notes and writing answers

Taking notes is important for this subject. Include important diagrams and flowcharts in your notes whenever you can. They make it easy to review, and you need them to get good grades in anthropology.
You should practise writing answers if you want to get good grades. Answer like you know a lot about it. Your answers must include definitions, critiques, introductions, explanations, and so on. When you cite something, try to include the name of the researcher or anthropologist whose work you are talking about as well as any comments from other scientists.

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Answer Writing

When you write about an idea, you talk about the main thinker and explain what they thought. But you’ll get extra points if you also quote other people’s ideas on the topic.
Use subheadings to organise your answers. They help your answers make sense and make it easy for the test taker to find mistakes. Also, they make the answer look better and cleaner.

Case Studies

Case studies are very important in anthropology. In your answers, you should use as many case studies as you can.
For example, if you were asked about how the development of Scheduled Tribes affected the people of Jharkhand, you could talk about a case study from the Tribal Research Institute in Ranchi.
You should find a lot of case studies on topics that are important to you and study them.

Message for UPSC Aspirant

Veditha Reddy says that women can get the top civil service rank in Andhra Pradesh IAS if they believe in their skills and study in a planned way with the help of experts. She told the candidates not to give up hope and not to let themselves get down.
Putting in work is the only way to get what you want.

To reach his full ability, a Civil Aspirant must compete with himself.
It doesn’t really matter how many hours you study each day.

Stay motivated by spending time with people who are happy and upbeat.
Aspirants should not leave any room for failure as they get ready. The most important rule is this one.
Learn everything you can about the subject, look over old test papers, and ask the teachers for help when solving model papers.

A lot of students want to take the civil services test every year, but getting there isn’t as easy as it seems. It is hard to pass the UPSC test, especially on the first try.
It can be passed by people who know a lot about the topics and are good at them. Also, only people who really care about their country can serve it.

IAS Veditha Reddy is a great example of someone who worked hard and did their best to pass the civil service test. Even for her, it wasn’t easy, but her drive and persistence helped her overcome her fear.
Keep reading our blogs for more stories from great IAS officers that will inspire you and information about the UPSC.

IAS Veditha Reddy Marksheet

Written Total797
Final Total962 (47.51%)